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Top decade changers

End of Decade Beauty
End of Decade Beauty
Helen Read

Tied for number 2 of Decade Changers of the Year includes Facebook and Smart Phones. First place goes notoriously and infamously to the event we call September 11.

Facebook has improved lives of hundreds of millions of people, increasing communication beyond measure, enhancing relationships, even increasing business for savvy marketers especially on the micro scale.

Smartphones, led tremendously by Apple’s iPhone mega-success, are emerging as the preferred personal and business tool well beyond early adopters into the mainstream, not just for their own functionality, but for the thousands of applications that have over 1 Billion downloads for the iPhone alone. Apple’s app store is an incredible marketing tool and is wisely being copied.

The wonderful ramifications of these 2 technology leaders have made business and consumers lives dramatically and wonderfully better.

But evil leads the way for the Number 1 decade changer. The shock waves of it continue as our lives are imbued with it, the degree to we can’t recognize. It goes well beyond airport, building, and International border security. The impacts to the economy are ongoing. Of course it starts with the loss of lives, the grief of the relations. Its sickening to think of it. I hate bringing it up in this column. But it looms and should be confronted. We must be and stay aware of the evil that truly lurks ever presently, primarily Al-Qaeda.


  • Lesa Young 5 years ago

    Don't forget the other evil lurking about.....Obama!

  • JohnnyO 5 years ago

    Good points. I think 9-11 may go down as a tremendous over-reaction. It's possible we reacted exactly as the terrorists hoped we would.

    Any way, I certainly agree with everything you said. Who are your top business leaders of the decade?