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Top customer service trends of 2014

Having 24/7 customer service available is the requirement of a large portion of the customer market.
Having 24/7 customer service available is the requirement of a large portion of the customer market.
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With the customer market becoming more aware and alert and the industry competition steadily turning more aggressive each quarter, companies which cannot offer their clients with a distinct service run the risk of falling out of the competition, even before completely entering the industry.

The trick to attract customers and increase the market share of the business is to offer a unique service which successfully appeals to a large customer base and helps in establishing the company as a reliable service provider within the industry. According to the latest customer trends, potential as well as existing clients view professional customer service as the most important offering that a company can provide. Statistics have proven evidence that a significant number of potential customers tend to switch brands not because of the available product, but because of the poor customer service provided by the company.

In order to remain competitive within the industry and establish a position within the sector, it is vitally essential for a business to keep up with the changing preference trends and employ the latest methods to attract a growing potential market to their business. There are some customer service trends which have been estimated by experts to be essential for any and every business in all sectors, in order to remain competitive within the industry.

Recognize The Importance Of A Differentiated Offering

Unlike former trends, customers these days do not opt for a product or brand because of its attractive price. Rather, the new differentiating factor within the market which is gaining rising popularity is the customer service provided by a company.
Any brand which can differentiate itself from the competition by means of providing a highly professional and efficient customer service experience can be the next industry leader! According to research, around 62% of customers switched brands because of the poor service experiences.

Go Mobile

With the growing popularity of smart-phones, mobile e-commerce is rapidly gaining widespread approval all over.
The latest trends require companies to reach out to a growing potential client market by providing them customer service, which is also mobile. Research states that mobile e-commerce is expected to grow to an astounding market of around $223 billion by 2016, which presents great opportunities for companies who wish to benefit from the opportunity.

Become Active On Social Media Platforms

Providing customer service through the ever popular social media platforms is reported to be a must of the current year. About 70% of businesses are expected to use the platforms for effective customer service offerings this year.

Be Proactive

Instead of waiting for the customer to respond or inquire, the latest trend requires companies to be proactive and approach clients to build strong customer relationships. Having a proactive approach is expected to resolve any issues before they start to trouble a potential or existing client, making for good customer service in the long run.

A Satisfactory Online Community Experience

Providing customers with a community experience where they can exchange their views, post queries and acquire solutions to their issues, is an important necessity for every company seeking to provide good customer service.

24/7 Service- An Essential

Having 24 hour customer service available throughout the week is the requirement of a large portion of the customer market, with the company providing it easily becoming the preferred brand within the industry.

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