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Top Cities for Singles: Philadelphia #6

Philadelphia comes in at number six on the top ten cities for singles in the U.S.

Who better to know how many singles are in a city than a rental company? According to, all hope is not lost in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection! We may be one of the fattest and most unattractive cities... but we make up for it in a large, solid dating pool of chubby, odd-looking coy.

During the season that is notorious for nuptials, it's time to celebrate those who are flying solo. How is it calculated? These cities have a dense population of single adults, and hopefully providing ample opportunities to find a potential partner or maintain a vibrant bachelor(ette) social life. Just when it feels like everybody is hitched, Philadelphia comes in at number 6 on the top 10 list!

The listing shows top places where people are trying new restaurants, socializing at the local watering hole, catching the latest concert or dancing all night at the hottest clubs. Without further adieu, here it is:

Top 10 Cities for Singles:
1. San Francisco, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Boston, MA
5. Seattle, WA
6. Philadelphia, PA
7. Minneapolis, MN
8. Portland, OR
9. Jersey City, NJ
10. Chicago, IL

("Methodology: has assembled the Top 10 Cities for Singles with the help of New York based Onboard Informatics ©2014, the premier data and technology company. All demographic data provided by Onboard Informatics is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This list is based on cities with more than 50,000 rental dwellings, a high concentration of single adults (20 years and older) and an overall population greater than 100,000. Single-friendly criteria that were considered included safety, nightlife activity, variety of dining, dining frequency and coffee shop density. These factors were ranked based on individual indices on a scale from 1-1,000. Cities with a safety index less than 500 were removed from the ranking. Rental data and median rental rates based on data.")

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