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Top Chefs to introduce Filipino food at inaugural Savor Filipino this Saturday

Filipino Pansit / Pancit Bihon
Filipino Pansit / Pancit Bihon

Savor Filipino, Saturday - August 30, 2014, 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. - celebrates 50-years of Filipino cuisine in the United States. The idea is to taste, cook, learn, sip, and enjoy the Filipino foodie experience. Watch chefs demonstrate classic dishes and traditional recipes with modern flair. Culinary experts: authors, professors, confectioners, sustainable growers, and more will discuss the evolution of Asian food popularity in the United States. Savor Filipino is founded by the Filipino Food Movement and sponsored by Ramar Foods.

Savor Filipino is the first event designed to specifically introduce Filipino food to the a more mainstream consumer. While other Asian cuisines, such as Sushi, Chinese, and Thai are well understood, Filipino food is on the brink of pushing through to a broad audience, and Savor Filipino sees itself as a catalyst for that push. The final list chefs of participating has just been released and includes a veritable Who’s Who of the Filipino foodie community:

  • CHARLEEN CAABAY | OAKLAND, CA | Kainbigan | Chef Video
  • JAY-AR PUGAO | Oakland, CA | No Worries Filipino Vegan Cuisine
  • TIM LUYM | San Mateo, CA | Attic Restaraunt | Chef Video
  • MIGUEL TRINIDAD | New York, NY | Maharlika NYC / Jeepney
  • RAMAR FOODS | Pittsburg, CA
  • ROBERT MENOR | Chicago, IL | Coobah
  • NEIL SYHAM | Brooklyn, NY | Lumpia Shack
  • AC BORAL | San Diego, CA | I Love Musubi
  • ERIC PASCUAL | Emeryville, CA
  • MICHAEL SANTOS | Manila, PHILIPPINES | Speakeasy Makati
  • JESSETTE KALSI | Napa, CA | Jessette’s Kitchen
  • AUNTIE EM’S | San Francisco, CA
  • CHRISTINE CAPULONG | San Francisco, CA | Flan Flan Ta-Tas
  • JASON ANGELES | San Francisco, CA | Sugar & Spun
  • MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM | Pittsburg, CA

Discover “Pulutan” sometimes interpreted as street food in the Philippines, this really means "finger food" or "quick bites"including sisig tacos, kinilaw (Filipino ceviche), and the infamous balut for the brave (hard-boiled duck egg delicacy), Lechon (roasted pig), Pancit (extra fine rice noodle stir fry), and Embotido (Filipino meatloaf). and the national dish, Adobo, as well as Dinuguan, a delicious rustic stew of pork offal. Sweets will include purple yam, avocado and coconut ice cream; Bibingka - a delicious rice flour & coconut cake; Filipino style leche flan; and even a unique Asian twist on freshly spun cotton candy.

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