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Top Chef - two weeks, two desserts

Top Chef Season 7
Top Chef Season 7
Top Chef Season 7

 Well it has been two weeks since the Top Chef D.C. debut, What a season! As we continue to cheer on Top Chef D.C. contestant Chef Tiffany Derry of Dallas' Go Fish Restaurant, we've seen some great food created. But two desserts dishes eliminated in two weeks? Special consultant to the Dallas Food Examiner, Chef Mo Assi of Lawry’s-The Prime Rib, voices his opinions on why these two desserts were eliminated and how he would change the recipes to make them contenders.

Both recipes were eliminated for similar reasons:  flavor, texture and execution. We are on Top Chef here, so anything that you create should be your best.

Week 1:  John Somerville eliminated for Maple Mousse Napoleon with Crisp Macadamia nut
From the beginning, the dessert was wrong, wrong, wrong ... from store-bought dough to grainy whipped cream. When challenged to create a dish to be served at a banquet that represents where you're from, do that - stick to your roots.

Make that dish a winner:  Make your own dough, don't overwhip the cream (this turns it grainy) and choose a different vessel ... rather than a stacked napoleon, I would have made individual pastry cups by forming them in muffin tins and blind baking the dough. Next, I would fill the cups with mousse, making the food portable and easy to eat in a banquet setting.

Week 2:  Jacqueline Lombard eliminated for Banana Pudding with skim milk and fresh strawberries
Who didn’t see this coming? The challenge was to create healthy foods for students, but jacqueline used 2 lbs of sugar. I wanted to like this dessert (Hello! It's banana pudding), but it fell short. 

Make that dish a winner:  The judges commented on the starchiness and overly sweet taste of the pudding. Avoid this in your own banana pudding dish by selecting bananas that aren't green. Give them time to ripen up a bit and become mushy. Jacquiline's dessert had too much sugar for the health-food challenge. When using sweet-ripe bananas, you eliminate the need for more sugar, making the dish both healthy and delicious. 

Stay tuned to Bravo TV see who gets voted off next Wednesday and check back with the Dallas Food Examiner for more tips from Dallas's Chef Mo Assi on how to make the losing dishes winners.  

Want to be your own judge on Chef Mo's suggestions? Chef Mo will be serving his version of John's Maple Mousse with Macadamia nut brittle and Caramel-Butter sauce at Lawry’s (Addison, Texas) Rotta Wine Dinner July 23, 2010, at 7 pm. $69 plus tax and gratuity.

Reservations required. Call (972) 503-6688 or email with "Rotta Wine Dinner" in the subject line. 



  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    I felt bad for her since she had most of her ingredients taken away in favor of paying for sherry, but adding 2 lbs of sugar was outrageous considering the challenge.

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