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'Top Chef:' The final five must depict their point of view on a plate

Jon Favreau guest judge on Top Chef
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

On Wednesday night’s installment of one of the greatest cooking shows “Top Chef”, the remaining five chefs were given the task of cooking and original Po’ Boy, the guest judge was chef Roy Choi. Once it was time for tasting the chefs explained their creations and the judge tasted, looked, and asked and then told them that their creations were all a mess and didn’t measure up to the standards of what they should be cooking at this point in the competition. However there had to be a winner and by a slight margin Shirley won immunity for the Elimination Challenge.

Then came actor and director Jon Favreau who wanted the chefs to cook a dish that epitomized the moment each chef found his or her voice in the kitchen. Nina, Carlos and Shirley were at the top and Shirley who had immunity nevertheless, won the overall challenge. That meant that Nicholas and Brian were on the bottom and once it was announced that Brian was going home, Nicholas looked flabbergasted because he was certain it was his turn to go based on his dish not being “Top Chef” worthy.

Four chefs remain, the challenges get harder and harder, the end is near but they must still overcome grueling challenges before acquiring the grand prize and the invaluable title of Top Chef.

“Top Chef” runs on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

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