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Top Canadian headlines: Haiti aftershocks, faster Haitian adoptions, Whistler auction, Olympic snow

Top Canadian headline stories at the end of January 20, 2010 (Wednesday):

Haiti suffers aftershock, Canada to help speed up adoptions from Haiti

CBC: "Haiti hit by powerful aftershock; More deaths reported after last week's quake that killed about 200,000"

In-depth on the spot reporting: CBC: "HAITI NOTEBOOK, CBC Reporters, 'Aftershocks and mass graves'" Includes help for Canadians to find people in Haiti, and information on how Canadians can help.

In response to the ongoing need for help in Haiti, the Canadian government is trying to speed up the adoptions of about 100 Haitian children.  These are adoptions that were in progress when the earthquake hit last week.

CBC: "Canada hopes to 'fast-track' Haitian adoptions: Kenney"

Canwest: "Canada to fast-track 100 Haitian adoptions", by Juliet O'Neill, Canwest News Service.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website has an information page about Haiti, with several links.  Minister Jason Kenney's speech about Haitian adoptions is available there.

Whistler Blackcomb to be auctioned off by creditors

CBC News: "Whistler lenders move to foreclose"

Financial Post: "Owner of Olympic ski venue up for auction", by John Greenwood, Financial Post

You almost need a program to keep track of the players in this one.  The bottom line? There is a lot of unpaid debt owed to lenders in New York.  Those lenders have advertised an auction to be held in the middle of the Olympics, on February 19.  For sale will be some of the assets of Intrawest, including Whistler Blackcomb.

The wrinkle to this story is the suggestion, attributed to a report in the New York Post, that there could be some interference with the smooth running of the Olympics and that perhaps the government will feel embarrassed by an Olympic-week foreclosure, and will bail out Intrawest.  However, Intrawest and the Vancouver Olympic organizers have both downplayed the possibility of there being any interference with the Games.

Cypress Mountain, a Vancouver Olympic venue, will be trucking in snow

CBC News (The Canadian Press): "No snow at Olympic site leaves VANOC scrambling: Contingency plan includes dumping snow from helicopters"

Toronto Star: "Weather forces Olympic officials to bring in snow", by Stephanie Levitz and Jim Morris

The pictures tell the story here.  If the brown is going to turn to white, it looks like Mother Nature will need a helping hand.  Has anyone ever used helicopters to load a mountain with snow before?

Federal budget cuts to start with Stockwell Day at Treasury Board

The Globe and Mail: "Federal budget will launch spending review, Day says", by Steven Chase and Bill Curry

Stockwell Day's appointment to the position of President of the Treasury Board yesterday has put the spotlight on him and on the government's stated intention to cut back on spending. The process is going to take years before the budget is balanced, says Day.

But, says a Canadian Press article, Day's track record doesn't show him to be a cost-cutter. His achievement while in Finance in Alberta was to set income tax at a flat rate. In the article, Day defends his record saying that his own departments reduced spending, and that increases in health and education spending by Alberta were to offset cuts by the federal Liberal government of the day.

The Canadian Press: "Treasury Board president Stockwell Day known for tax reform, not cost-cutting", by John Cotter, The Canadian Press

Other headlines

CBC News: "Another 'Toronto 18' member pleads guilty

Amin Mohamed Durrani could be free by Thursday based on time served, says CBC.

Edmonton Sun: "Hennessey abandons appeal: Was convicted of manslaughter in Mountie slayings", by Richard Liebrecht, Edmonton Sun 

Shawn Hennessey was convicted of manslaughter in the Mayerthorpe, Alberta killing of four RCMP members on March 3, 2005.  Hennessey was not present when the RCMP men were killed.  His role was in providing some assistance to the killer, James Roszko, who killed himself at the scene.

National Post: "Kate McGarrigle's rich legacy", by Mike Regenstreif, Canwest News Service

Canadian folk musician Kate McGarrigle died on Monday night.  Tributes have been many, including a flood of posts to the website.  Mike Regenstreif of Canwest provides a retrospective and tells of Kate and Anna McGarrigle's significant contributions to Canadian music.

Random headline pick from somewhere in Canada

Using a list of Canadian newspapers and a random number generator, we picked the front page headline from, Independent News Source for the Alberni-Clayoquot, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The headline today:

"Tourism Ucluelet opts out of Richmond Olympic event", by Keven Drews.

We're on as @CanadaHeadlines.


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