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Top Benefits of Using Organic Shampoo

Many consumers wonder if organic shampoo lives up to all the hype and the typically higher cost. Can it really be that much better than the cheapie brands? Yes, it can and you might be surprised by the reasons why.

Organic shampoo isn’t just for rich folks or finicky brand snobs. The top three benefits of using organic shampoo have the potential to not only change your hair for the better, but change lives for the better, too.

No Synthetic Ingredients

In order for a shampoo to be granted the label of organic, the formula cannot contain synthetic ingredients like paraben, sulfates, and mineral oils. Why do you care? Because these synthetic ingredients could cause your body harm. You might not even be aware of the dangers until the damage is done.

Paraben, for instance, is a preservative that could cause issues in the endocrine system (hormone secretion into the blood stream) because it can mimic hormones like estrogen. Scientific studies have shown paraben to be a possible link to breast cancer, as synthetic estrogen has been found in high volume in human breast cancer tumors.

Sulfates are detergents added to body and hair care products to make them foam with more lather. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has reported that high percentages of sulfates absorbed into the skin could cause damage to human organs (like liver and kidney) and the nervous system.

Mineral oils are petroleum-based, which means this synthetic shampoo ingredient is made from the same source as the gas you put in your car. Need we say more?

Synthetic chemicals and detergents are easily absorbed by the skin on your scalp, face and neck. Choosing organic shampoo could help prevent possible serious skin disorders and even a major chronic disease over time.

Easier On the Earth

It stands to reason that an organic shampoo made with natural ingredients would naturally be better for the planet. Organic shampoos are usually formulated with a high percentage of botanicals like herbs, essential oils and plant-based active ingredients. A shampoo full of lavender oil or peppermint leaf is going to cause zero to very little damage to water and soil compared to shampoos full of isopropyl alcohol (very drying and found in antifreeze) and other synthetic ingredients that aren’t biodegradable.

Every Being Benefits

Unfortunately, shampoos don’t have to be cruelty-free (no animal testing) in order to be labeled organic but you can certainly help keep all animals healthier and safer by using organic grooming products. Natural ingredients absorbed into an animal’s skin and through their bloodstreams (as a result of human usage) are better for their bodies, too.

Do note that there are many cruelty-free organic shampoos available. To scan the bar codes of your beauty products and find out immediately if they are cruelty-free or not, download the Cruelty-Cutter app from The Beagle Freedom Project.

Not all organic shampoos are created equal, of course, so experiment with several different brands until you find the one that makes your hair look great and the rest of you (mind, body and conscience) feel wonderful, too.

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