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Top apologetic issues of 2010

Recap of 2010
Recap of 2010

The Denver metro area is nothing if not interesting. Although not a megalopolis like New York, Denver is nevertheless a diverse community with a larger share of non-Christians in the mix than her size would indicate.

This means that we make the national news a little more than normal.

The top apologetic issues of this year include the typical cultural war issues and a number of atypical local debates. In reverse chronological order, here are some top apologetic issues covered in these pages:

1. Know thy enemy: An interview with an atheist leader behind the barrage of anti-Christmas billboards.

2. War on Christmas: The entire war on Christmas heated up with five atheistic billboard plastering the Denver skyline. One group in particular used its outside money to influence Colorado residence to their view. And regardless of what atheists claim, the truth behind the rhetoric was exposed.

3. "Love" of children: A pedophilia book from Colorado made national news. It was first sold on Amazon who, shortly after the uproar, deleted the page. I found that page. People may hate this type of "love" but they cannot justify why.

4. Loveland's hate: The national uproar over blasphemous image of Christ in the "art" of Chagoya illustrated again the bigotry of many non-Christians.

5. Father's Day degraded: Denver has a small but active gay community--as shown in their disregard and redefinition of fatherhood on Father's Day.

You can subscribe to these articles at the top of the page. Shawn is the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in Denver.


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