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Top Antivirus and Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Them

Paid antivirus doesn't work better than free.
Paid antivirus doesn't work better than free.
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No matter what kind of home PC you own, if you are surfing the net you will at one point or another install an antivirus (AV) program to help keep you safe and secure from spyware, malware, and virus infection.

You might have been quick to pull out your credit card and purchase one of these programs based on a recommendation or a pre-installation that has come with your computer. What you didn't know is you were probably wasting your money.

What are the top AV programs for Windows?

According to PC Mag the top AV programs are listed below.

  • Kaspersky
  • AVG
  • Webroot
  • Norton
  • Bitdefender
  • Mcaffee

Why you should not waste your money on AV.

Contrary to what your computer geek tells you about which AV to use, you might be interested to learn the top tech’s choice has always been a free program. Currently a program called AVAST is the most effective FREE AV program there is on the market. A few years back AVG was the top free AV until they sold out to advertisers and started adding bloat wear.

Unfortunately today, AVG falls into the same categories as its competitors because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Slows your computer down
  • Can accidentally prevent you from accessing the internet
  • Actually promotes spyware
  • Installs bloat wear
  • Almost impossible to uninstall

No matter what you hear or read regarding effectiveness of a particular AV, there is no AV program on the planet that can save you from everything, including yourself. New virus and malware programs are written every day, and even updated or modified as removal and prevention programs define their code in order to stop them.

There's very little protection against when a user presses a button like: accept, run, install, ok, etc, and gives the malicious program permission to install or take control. Paying for AV doesn't give you better protection from user error.

Common misconceptions of AV:

  • AV make my computer bullet proof
  • More is better
  • AV makes my computer faster
  • Once infected AV can remove it
  • Higher price means more protection
  • Paid is better than free

If you call 5 computer repair companies in West Palm Beach and ask them which AV program you should use, they will most likely tell you which ever one they are a distributor for. They will charge you to install it.

Beware: Some computer companies have also been known to charge their clients for an AV that is free like AVG or AVAST.

How to get the best free AV on the market.

Instead of wasting your money on AV, call a reputable computer tech in your area and ask them what the current “tech’s choice” for FREE AV is. Currently in 2014, AVAST is the top contender for free protection against computer infections. Registering the free version with your name and email will get you great protection for a full year. Enjoy!

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