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Top 8 tools to increase your productivity while teaching

It is a well known fact that some classes can be boring. When this happens, students do not pay attention to their teacher anymore and lose their interest in school. In order to avoid this, professors must come up with new teaching methods, focused on rousing students’ curiosity. Because teachers’ resources may sometimes run out, we have listed here eight virtual places where they can go to find more inspiration.

1. TutorsClass

TutorsClass is a site where teachers can meet their students for private or in group tutoring. This web page is really helpful for those who do not have access to a formal way of education. The lack of high educated professors in some parts of the world is the main reason why young people do not pursue their dreams and limit themselves to ordinary activities. Today, one click on can change their perspectives. Here, they can meet teachers and take advantage of the site’s features – online whiteboard, file upload option, math formula creation tool, etc.

2. Help.Plagtracker

Help.Plagtracker is the perfect tool to make your paper look and sound perfect. Here you will meet a team of professional writers who will edit any of your papers. As for teachers, this site is good if they want to find out if a paper has unique content. They can check any text for plagiarism or even for integral copying. Go to if you need help with correcting or if you want to examine your students’ honesty.

3. Writinghouse

Surely you have noticed that formatting and organizing a paper’s bibliography and citations, can take a lot of time and attention. If you want to make your academic life easier, just type in In three simple steps, this free online tool will automatically create a cited page, in any style you need – MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard.

4. Socrative

This is the perfect tool to bring education into the space that students love the most – the internet. As a teacher you can engage your pupils in different activities – quick exercises, quizzes, games, multiple choice items. The application works on tablets, smart phones, and laptops and can be installed from here

5. Padlet

Here is your empty wall Teachers and students use this tool to post new announcements or photos, or to share assignments and projects. It is a perfect place to exercise your creativity.

6. We Are Teachers

This site is full of learning and teaching materials, helping both students and professors. You can go here whenever you don’t know how to organize your class anymore. You will find valuable resources for any subject. Use it to capture your students’ attention.

7. Share My Lessons

Here is where teachers can share their best lesson plans and materials with other teachers less inspired. In this way, they help each other improve their classes. Access if you want to participate.

8. BetterLesson

Type in and you will find a data base with over 3,000 lessons ready for you to download them. The plans are conceived by master teachers and are proved to be effective in class.

9. Teachers Pay Teachers

This is like a real market where teaches can sell and buy educational materials from one another. All content is well organized by grades, subjects and prices. Go here and you will find the material you need.


Use any of these tools with confidence and do not hesitate to apply them at school. You will see that students will be more excited about the next class and will look forward to spending another hour learning new things with you.

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