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Top 8 things you must know to be Healthy and Fit the rest of your life

Consistency and proper technique are crucial to long term health.
Consistency and proper technique are crucial to long term health.
  1. Resting metabolic rate.  This number dictates how many calories an individual would have to consume daily to maintain/gain lean muscle tissue or lose weight.
  2. Body composition.  Many individuals who try to lose weight are focused on the scale.  However, permanent weight loss comes from appropriate body composition.
  3. Compound movements vs. Isolation movements. True isolation is a physical impossibility.  In addition energy depletion through muscle performance causes fat tissue to be mobilized as energy. Compound movements cause much greater energy depletion than do isolation movements
  4. Cardio.  Cardio alone can cause the body to gain fat by catabolizing muscle for energy repletion.  In addition, there are different applications for cardio.  It is not one size fits all.
  5. Carbohydrates.  The human body requires approximately 150 grams of carbs per day just to perform daily function.  Carbohydrates also play a vital role in restoring muscle energy stores.
  6. Rep Ranges.  Making the choice between 6 or 25 reps per set is crucial to your goals.
  7. Stabilizers.  Proper attention must be paid to the stablizers in order for there to be proper development of the major muscles.
  8. Insulin.  It is crucial to know what Insulin does.  How regulates blood sugar and how that fits into your fitness program.

****It's not rocket science, but being healthy and fit long term is specific and requires an education.  Contact your health professional today and schedule an evaluation.