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Top 8 songs to help you express your feelings when you don’t have the words

Music-An art for itself
Music-An art for itself
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Expressing oneself to your loved one or anyone for that matter can be difficult for some people. It can be hard to find the right words to express how you feel. That’s where music comes in; there are some amazing song writers that can write a song that expresses how you feel so much you think they wrote the song for your particular situation. I’ve compiled a list of songs I think would help you tell your mate you love them or that you’re hurt or whatever the case may be. So sit back, grab a martini and take notes.

If you kind of want to break up with someone for a little while but not forever, then “Where I Wanna Be” by Donnell Jones is the song for you.

I just left my baby girl a message
Sayin' I won't be coming home
I'd rather be alone
She doesn't fully understand me
That I'd rather leave than to cheat
If she gives me some time
I can be the man she needs
But there's a lot of lust inside of me
And we've been together since our teenage years
I really don't mean to hurt her, but I need some time
To be alone

If you want to ask someone to marry you and you can’t find the words then you have a couple of choices, you can go with R. Kelly’s “Forever”.

Baby I have something that I want to ask you, Baby, so sit back and listen
Hey beloved we are gathered here, to join each other hand and hand, no more playing house
no, cause I want to make it real do you understand, to have and to hold (ummm
umm) until death do us part no one no one could ever interrupt the beats of our
heart cause this is gonna last.

If this song doesn’t do it for you then another choice and [in my opinion] the best choice is an old song by Roger & Zapp called “Spend My Whole Life”.

I can tell it’s real
That glow I feel
Not like it was before I know
You make happiness abound

You have brought me a true love
Like never before
And if you will just let me
I’ll spend my whole life with you

I am such a blessed man
To have you in my life
I have in life one desire
That desire is to make you my wife

If you are cheating and don’t want to leave your mate but want your mistress to think it’s hard for you to get out of the relationship, play Richard Dimples Field, “She’s Got Papers On Me”.

5 AM Is The Hour
And we just took a shower
Once again I'm heading home,
But I'm satisfied (um) to the bone
Like so many times before
You had me beggin' for more
Now I'm, running home to her
When it's you I prefer

She's got papers on me
She's got papers on me

And I'm getting tired of sneaking In
Lying 'bout
Where I've been
How long can this go on
Pretending to love someone who just don't turn me on
And every time I taste your sweet, sweet lips
I make up my mind to abandon ship
But man oh man she's cramping my style
I look in her face and see your sweet smile (well)

If you broke up with someone and you want to be friends with them but it’s difficult because you’re still in love with them, play Deborah Cox and R.L.’s song “We Can’t Be Friends”.

To just act like we never were
To come around and not show hurt
How dare we greet by shaking hands
Just months ago I was your man

Verbally we agreed
It was over and we were through
I'm trying to compose myself
But I just can't get over you girl

We can't be friends
We can't be friends
We can't be friends
'Cause I'm still in love with you

If your man always says he loves you and will do anything for you but his actions don’t back up his words, play a little of Jill Scotts, “Show Me”.

If I asked you to trust me on all things
Could you do it?
If I needed you to map your position
Would you try it?
You’re constantly talking about how much you love me, want me, need me, you told me stop talking.
No more conversation necessary.

Show me, show me, show me, show me, show me, show me, show me, show me, show me.
Show me, show me, show me, show me, show me.
If I needed you to replenish my faith in brothers
Could you do it?
If I needed you to be, cool with my strength
Could you do it?
You’re constantly talking about how much you love me, want me, need me, you told me stop talking.
No more conversation necessary.

If you’re in love with someone but are afraid to tell them how much you love them because you are afraid of your emotions try Christina Aguilera’s song form the movie Burlesque, “Bound to You”

Sweet love, sweet love
Trapped in your love
I’ve opened up, unsure I can trust
My heart and I were buried in dust
Free me, free us
You’re all I need when I’m holding you tight
If you walk away I will suffer tonight

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can you see that I’m bound in chains?
I’ve finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am bound to you

Last but not least, the best break-up song has to be Lauren Hill’s “Ex-Factor”, it covers breaking up, getting back together, figuring you should stay broken up and deciding that the break up is what’s best.

It could all be so simple
But you'd rather make it hard
Loving you is like a battle
And we both end up with scars
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

Is this just a silly game
That forces you to act this way
Forces you to scream my name
Then pretend that you can't stay
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

No matter how I think we grow
You always seem to let me know

It ain't workin'
It ain't workin'

And when I try to walk away
You'd hurt yourself to make me stay
This is crazy
This is crazy

I keep letting you back in
How can I explain myself
As painful as this thing has been
I just can't be with no one else
See I know what we got to do
You let go and I'll let go too
'Cause no one's hurt me more than you
And no one ever will

Care for me, care for me
I know you care for me
There for me, there for me
Said you'd be there for me
Cry for me, cry for me
You said you'd die for me
Give to me, give to me
Why won't you live for me

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