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Top 8 skiing resorts to visit this winter

Has the recent chill in the air put you in the mood for some winter sports? Take a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life, grab your skis, and have a well-earned holiday in one of the best resorts the world has to offer. Don’t know where to start? You’re spoiled for choice. But we’ve boiled it down to the basics, so you can tailor your winter holiday to a resort that will suit you.

Whistler Blackcomb

Not everyone is a slope master yet. And that’s okay! Whistler Blackcomb has great routes, even if you’re completely fresh to the sport. As a beginner, you won’t be relegated to the naff parts of the mountain, but you’ll have a variety of fantastic runs to choose from, which cater for your level of expertise. That means you get all the stunning views you could wish for, without risking a broken leg!

Parents, Whistler is child-friendly and offers a prestigious skischool for the young ‘uns, so you can bring the whole family. It even offers courses for people with disabilities.

St Moritz

Why take a lift when you can push yourself along just fine? St Moritz is perfect for cross country lovers. Yes, you will have to avoid alpine trees and frozen lakes, but you didn’t strap planks of wood to your feet and jump down a mountain to be safe now did you?


Sure, you’re there for the skiing, but you also want some high class dining and celeb-spotting. Aspen attracts the movers and shakers of the world, so you can expect the best of the best. Oh, and if you were wondering, the routes are wonderful.

Arc 1950

High in the French Alps, Arc 1950 is an all-rounder resort. It’s perfect for families. You will find high quality pistes matched with great child care services. You can relax in the spa, after a long day on the slopes, while the kids are safe and happy with an evening babysitter.


Tignes has long been lauded a boarder’s paradise. It’s got everything you’d want, from on and off piste routes to freestyle parks, if you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve. Thanks to the glacier, you can enjoy all-round boarding, but obviously the winter season is the best time to go.Contrary to popular belief, you can ski during the summer at some resorts. Hopefully, you can handle the altitude!

Squaw Valley

If you’re looking for sun and snow, Squaw Valley is for you. Looking out over the picturesque Lake Tahoe, this resort is known for its perfect conditions. Yes, that means waking up every morning to the kind of powdery snow you dream of. And hey, you can even go dog sledding, if the mood takes you.

St Anton

Snow resorts are infamous for their night life, and none more so than St Anton. Believe it or not, they used this location to shoot the film Chalet Girl. This sleepy-looking village really comes into its own when the sun sets. Expect intense skiing and even more extreme hangovers. Remember with all that intense skiing you’ll need special sport insurance on a ski triplike this. You don’t want to end up with a hefty medical bill with the wrong travel insurance!


Every seasoned skier is looking for the perfect powder. The bad news is that you’ll have to travel to Japan to hunt it out. Nisekoloves to flaunt its perfect peaks by allowing skiers and boarders to do what they do best until 9 o’clock at night! Thanks to the superb floodlighting system, you can fly down pistes until way past dinner time.

With such a full day ahead of you (oh, and those altitude munchies), you will be wanting to nosh down. Fortunately, there are carbs aplenty at ramen restaurants throughout the resort. Afterwards, you can assured of the Western-influenced night life.

If you feel like kicking off your skis for a while, you can go hiking for the day and then relax in the onsen (hot springs). Well, it would be rude not to. Although, if you’re shy, you might want to rethink this, as men are expected to bathe naked…that’s one way to break the ice with your father-in-law.

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