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Top 7 ways to make fast food even faster

There's being in a hurry, then there's a need for speed
There's being in a hurry, then there's a need for speed

1.Know what you want – This might seem obvious, but it's easily the most important one. I remember being in line behind someone for easily ten minutes, only for them to arrive at the counter, seemingly bewildered by the fact that they needed to actually choose what they wanted. Such obtuseness puzzles me, yet it appears with great regularity. The more specifically you narrow your craving, the faster your result will be.

2.Don't specialize the order - “But instead of lettuce, can I get finely diced kalamata olives in a to go container on the side” will do little to expedite the process. On the safe side, stick with suggested, pre-constructed meals

3.Avoid wraps – Unless you are at Chipotle, where this is literally the only way they prepare food, wraps generally take longer than simpler, less healthy options.

4.Go to Wendy's. Wendy's is still coming in first in order time. Different restaurants have different methods, and different specialties, so if you want speed, know where to go. Burger King, on the other hand, has recently come in last in both speed and accuracy, a remarkable feat if you think about it.

5.Avoid specialty drinks – This is similar to #3. Specialty drinks, like those layered parfaits, or blended coffee-milkshake-ice-cream-fruit-chocolate mixes might take a touch more human cognition.

6.Park and get out – During drive-thru hotspells, i.e. lunch, breakfast, dinner, late night munchies, bad weather, or others, laziness actually trumps speed. If you are willing to actually exit your vehicle and brave the dangers of real human interaction, you may be able to retrieve your treasure more quickly.

7.Courtesy – Believe it or not, manners sometimes do matter. Chances are, the people working are actual human beings. If that is the case, they probably often reside somewhere in the domain of real human emotions, and as such, will treat you better if you treat them with kindness and respect.

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