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Top 7 ways to combine chocolate and fast food

This makes broccoli taste good
This makes broccoli taste good

Chocolate is great. So is fast food. You're already in the world of poor health decisions, so think about maxing it out.

1.S'more sandwiches – Let's do it right. It just seems crazy to restrict marshmallows and chocolate to the confines of graham crackers and smoldering summer barbeques.

2.Chocolate milkshakes – Fast food has a grip here already, and it's genius. Anytime you can combine frozen dairy deliciousness with chocolate, you're going down a successful path.

3.Chocolate kebab – This looks like foolishness, until you actually think about several different types of chocolate, all just slightly warmed and melty, dribbling down a skewer.

4.Chocolate sauced fruit salad- An integral sugary topping to counterbalance whatever health benefits you might gain through eating fruit. This is like a miniaturized version of a chocolate fountain.

5.Deep fried oreos – Believe it or not, these are already here. You can snag these delectable treats at poorly inspected carnivals which tour through Nashville. It begs the question what other chocolates could we deep fry?

6.Chocolate injected hamburger buns – Want to chocolate up that plain burger? Jam the interior with some chocolate sauce, and you'll be able to savor the sandwich that much more.

7.Chocolate soda syrup – Sonic's on the right track here. People like drink combinations. If there were a chocolate syrup dispenser aligned with the other fountain beverages, people would take a little more advantage of refills.

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