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Top 7 Project Management Software Vendors Worth The Free Trial



  • Jessie Warner 5 years ago

    AtTask has a great project management tool for both small and large businesses. They offer a free trial. Here's a link to the site:

  • Peter 5 years ago

    Also have a look at Psoda ( - easy to use, free trial and free Psoda Lite.

  • Denis 5 years ago

    The two key issues I "always" face in reviewing PM software are :
    1) What PROGRAM Management capabilities does it provide ?
    2) Does it output in MS project format ? (Comments about MS noted, but Catch 22).

  • Nirav Doshi 5 years ago

    I've been a user of Celoxis ( for the last few years (with some breaks in between though) -- and have found it really good value for money covering everything typically needed for Project Management. Provide a 30-day free trial too. Check it out...

  • Tiberiu Ghioca 5 years ago

    MPMM is not a project management software so I do not know why you are mentioning it...

    Another tool that is worth to be studied is RationalPlan:

  • Vas 5 years ago

    next time just copy wikipedia list and say top XX project management software to try and you will be more accurate.

  • Joyce 5 years ago

    I have not heard of most of the ones you listed. The main PM tools I have heard of are Clarity, Daptiv, AtTask, and Primavera.........

  • Dina 5 years ago

    I suggest adding LiquidPlanner to this list. LiquidPlanner is an excellent project management /collaboration tool with a 30 day free trial. Among other great features, LiquidPlanner has a client portal system, those clients are able to access and collaborate on the site without an extra fee.

  • David Morisseau 5 years ago

    A software that is getting more recognition in the project management industry is WORKetc. It has an extensive list of project management software features that put it ahead of the majority of the others, but it is also good because it can do even more than be just detailed project management software: it combines features for CRM and billing as well. This allows users to go to one place and do everything; CRM, project management, and billing. Check out their project management features here: www. worketc. com/ features/project_tracking_software

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I would add @task to this list. Excellent product. Their new Stream platform has a lot of potential and could really revolutionize the industry. See for yourself -

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Great list, one worthy addition:

    WORKetc is a project management system that combines project management with CRM and billing. WORKetc lets you collaborate on everything, from customer leads, to all aspects of a project or sub project, to the final bill at the end. It has gantt charts, project dependency, unlimited sub projects, and many other important project management features.

    The best part of WORKetc is, despite being a fully functional and intuitive project management tool, it also does CRM and billing. Many companies start with a CRM or project management system and see that they want to automate more aspects of their business. Within a year they are combining 3 different applications with tons of add-ons and it looks like a giant mess! Its poorly integrated, and employees are not motivated to use the system due to the inefficiencies that arise out of having separate applications for everything. Imagine having to switch between applications just to look up a contact, you think this would be something of the past.

    With WORKetc all three aspects of business management are combined into intuitive platform. Get more efficiency in your workplace, in my experience that's what makes employees want to work harder.

    Here's the 14 day free trial link:


  • Profile picture of John Alexander
    John Alexander 5 years ago

    Another project management app worth testing out is Intervals. There is a freemium plan that lasts forever or a fully functional trial for getting the feel of the entire app. Whichever route you choose, they are both worth the free trial.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    MS Project server, called also Entreprise Project Management, we can find it Microsoft Web site.

  • Slah TRABELSI 5 years ago

    MS Project server, called also Entreprise Project Management, we can find it in Microsoft Web site

  • Marcus 5 years ago

    The one I use and recommend as the best Project Management Software available with a FREE trial is Dooster.

  • Mark Spance 5 years ago

    We use WorkforceTrack's Project Management tool and found it suitable for our business needs and budget limits. We chose this system because of its being multifunctional (Project Management, CRM, Accouting, and other 20+ business tools) Another reason is its flexible prices and available discounts for small and mid-sized organizations. If you are interested in this solution, you can get more information from official web-site

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Worketc and Intervals are ones I recognise. We are using Dooster which has joined us all up. Customer Service at Dooster is good. We're pleased we got it.

  • Yuliya 4 years ago

    Another project management tool that is worth to be mentioned is InLoox PM.

    With over 30,000 current users and counting, InLoox PM is quickly proving itself as the go-to Project Management tool for small and medium businesses. With InLoox PM, individuals and teams are more efficient in their daily project work. With its fluid integration with Microsoft Outlook and its built in Web App, InLoox PM improves productivity and communications by allowing users to interact and share ideas, assignments, deadlines, budgets, and more on the fly. Key features include Mind Mapping, Visual Document Management, Report Designing, a multilingual user interface, and seamless compatibility with Microsoft Project files. InLoox PM is an essential tool for Project Managers, directors, as well as team members looking to prioritize organization and connectivity.

    Get more information and a trial version on

  • OfficeTimer 4 years ago

    heres OfficeTimer which is ABSOLUTELY FREE. No charges at all.

  • Profile picture of Tessoleary
    Tessoleary 4 years ago

    We use Dooster and it's very good. It's also virtually free at $3.50 a month.

  • Alex 3 years ago

    Nice list, Simon - I'd also add Eclipse PPM ( to this list - it's intuitive, very easy to use, and has great reporting capabilities.

  • Jeffrey Swartz 2 years ago

    I would also add Project Insight to the list (

  • Bruce 2 years ago

    Another vendor worth a look is

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Check out for a complete ERP software suite that includes Project Management software.

  • Patricia Lee 2 years ago

    WSG's EmpireSUITE offers a number of ERP software products, including a Project Management module. Visit out site ( for a free trial!

  • Sri 2 years ago

    Most of the apps listed here are quite expensive. Give a try. OfficeTimer is a free timesheet software which is offered online for free. Hundreds of companies wordwide are using OfficeTimer on a daily basis to track their timesheet entries and manage projects effectively. is also used for managing employee time-offs, employee payroll, project management, project expense tracking, expense reimbursement and client billing.

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