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Top 7 football fast foods

Bring your meal gameface
Bring your meal gameface

I love the smell of pigskin in the morning...smells like hunger, anger, and several year-old jersey sweat.

1.Hot wings – Nothing dictates true fanship like outrageous boasts and consequently challenges and contests over who can eat the most or spiciest wings. Be sure to remove the 'vintage' jersey you've had since high school to avoid sauce stains that almost equate to the anugish of losing a fumble.

2.Pizza – Never fear, you can get this from the same place you got the wings. Choose which one you want to emphasize though, because though Pizza Hut makes an attempt, rarely does a place do both well.

3.Soda – Along with other adult beverages, soda's useful for cleansing the pallate and forcing down empty calories.

4.Cheese puffs – This barely counts as fast food, because I have yet to see a restaurant selling them. Maybe if they were deep fried. But it keeps with the messy/ salty theme you have going.

5.Popcorn chicken/ shrimp – If you want to class up your Sunday afternoon feast, this is a good avenue. Equipped with a proper array of dipping sauces, these little bites will fly down before your tenth car commercial, which is saying something.

6.Mini-burgers – Or mini sandwiches if you're so inclined. There has to be a tv present, which is why proper, full grilling menus are being excluded, unless of course you're tailgating or start preparing for football before the sun comes up. The mini just fools you enough into thinking its an appetizer, then you've eaten a full crave case from White Castle.

7.Ice cream/ milkshakes – By the time the fourth quarter rolls around, you'll want to put down the heavy grease, and move towards a sugary cap to your coma. Ice cream rounds it out perfectly.

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