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Top 7 fast food smells

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As you hold the door open, an intoxicating aroma sweeps you off your feet. Previously repressed hunger pangs are awoken, and you stagger in a dreamlike intoxication of the wafting aromas emanating from the kitchen. What are those scents? Here's some possibilities:

1.McDonald's french fries – If you just entered the golden arches, this is what greets you. The power of a franchise rests on this tasty scent.

2.Grilled burgers – Mmmm. I can sniff a barbeque about 3 streets down. And more than likely I will pace awkwardly close to the premises until invited over to make it less weird and uncomfortable.

3.Fresh salad – All of these should be understood as fresh. No one is going to find the smell of cold, re-3 day old chicken enticing. Yet truly green salad has that fresh component that exudes greenery and life.

4.Hotdogs – Too close to grilled burgers you say? Not on your life. If you've ever been to a ballpark, you won't mistake the two, and a juicy chili-dog – who could say no?

5.Oven baked pizza – Wow. Is there any sensation to compare with walking into a full sized Pizza Hut or Cici's and savoring the blend of bread, cheese, and meat?

6.Pancakes – Outside of Ihop, these can be hard to find. Yet we can all identify with that drowsy waking coma, wherein the billowing smell of pancakes motivates an early rise.

7.Funnel cake – Just go to a carnival. We're talking about a virtual overpowering of the olfactory senses. It almost smells better than it tastes.

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