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Top 7 excuses for missing school.

Some say change is good. The daylight savings time change has always been a difficult change in my household. Regrettably, it occurs twice a year every year. Spring forward, and then fall back. During each time change we wake up in the dark or we eat dinner in the dark. We’re late for appointments or we feel like going to bed earlier because we lose an hour of sleep. I’m sure you get the picture. Children are seemingly more affected by this process. While they are usually pretty adaptive to various changes, the time difference gives them just one more reason to be late or possibly even miss school. It is because of this, I have compiled a “Top 7 List” of the excuses used by high-school students to stay home with Ferris for a day off.

The Plague
  1. The Plague – Yes, a cold or sore throat or any other minor illness turns into the plague and prevents them from attending school.
  2. Transportation – Missing the bus, car won’t start, too far to walk and so on.
  3. Mourning – Not a typo, this is real. Break ups and he said/she said cause enough drama to want to miss out on the daily grind.
  4. Alarm – Either it didn’t go off because of a mechanical malfunction or human error, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a good excuse.
  5. Weather – Whether (pun intended) it’s rain, sleet, snow, hot, cold or even perfect it just doesn’t feel right to go out in just to go to school.
  6. Homework – Just couldn’t seem to get it done because it didn’t involve Facebook, Twitter or Snapchatting. They couldn’t possibly show up in class without it.
  7. Sports – High School games or major league anything is a reason to celebrate with a day off in order to show your dedicated team spirit.

To students with these excuses, and many more, I say get out and walk to school uphill both ways like the rest of us did!

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