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Top 7 4th of July food activities

The incomparable eating champ, Kobayashi
The incomparable eating champ, Kobayashi
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1.Grilling – If you're not doing this you're either lazy, unpopular, a terrorist, or a woman. There must be at least someone nearby whose work you plan on enjoying. Perhaps you can wander over to the grill sometime to point and nod knowledgeably about the condition of the brats.

2.Cramping – An essential portion of every 4th of July, sharp stomach discomfort inevitably follows when some 'athletic' males scarf down the weight of a bald eagle in hotdogs and watermelon, then embark upon a swimming/ dizzy bat relay.

3.Eating contests – These probably help contribute the previous activity. Variations include pickle eating, time trials, hands-free pie eating, and endurance tests.

4.Arguing about burger toppings – A popular past time during all bbq feasting. To provide ample space, a separate toppings table should be arrayed , providing a natural arena for fierce debate for whether jalapenos or roasted red peppers blend better with mustard.

5.Lighting things on fire that aren't meant to be – After all, without the bold and brilliantly inspired attempt of an intoxicated feaster to jam a lit firework into a husk of corn, what would become of our rich, patriotic heritage?

6.Leftover scrounging – This is where things can get dicey, even among close friends and family who were just moments before emptying a bag of ruffles onto your plate. My suggestion is to bring empty tupperware equipped to rapidly box up any juicy cuts of steak.

7.Bloating/ regret – The process may begin as soon as a half hour after arrival, depending on the people there and your supply of Tums.

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