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Top 6 Yoga Positions For Having Good Sex

Top 6 Yoga Positions For Having Good Sex
Top 6 Yoga Positions For Having Good Sex

Yoga has been gaining attention not just as a popular exercise for health conscious men and women, it is also being used to help improve sexual performance. The same positions that help us relax, can also make men and women more flexible in the bedroom. Yoga can help to reduce the stress and tension we feel in our everyday lives, and put us more in touch with our bodies. It is safe for almost anyone, and can be done almost anywhere.

Yoga and its Benefits for Sex

The positions that yoga requires can benefit both men and women's sex lives. It can help us to relax with deep breathing exercises and increase our desire to have sex. It can help to improve moods, and give a general feeling of well being. Both of which are essential for having a healthy sexual relationship. Yoga can also add a touch of spice to a couple's love life, with improved flexibility that lets couples try different sexual positions. While it has often been thought of as more of an activity for women, men are also learning that yoga can improve their sex lives as well. Here are six yoga positions for both men and women that are guaranteed to improve their performance in the bedroom.

Top 6 Yoga Positions for Having Good Sex

#1. Child's Pose
This position is often used to reduce stress and relieve minor back pain. It also helps to stretch the thigh and hip muscles which can make men and women able to try different sexual positions. Since it helps to relieve stress and fatigue, the Child's Pose can also increase sexual desire. This yoga positions begins with you sitting on your knees with your posterior touching your ankles. Place your hands on your thighs, and slowly touch your chest to your knees as your palms slide down to rest in front of you on the mat. Hold the position for a few minutes while exhaling slowly.

#2. Cow Stretch
Relax tired muscles and increase blood flow with the Cow Stretch position. Start on your hands on knees, and slowly arch your back up. As you hold your back up, move your feet until you are resting on your toes. When you exhale release your belly and your back muscles.

#3 Chair Pose
Strengthen leg and thighs muscles for a more intense orgasm and additional strength for some of the more demanding sexual positions. Standing straight up, slowly bend your knees with your arms raised. As you are raising your arms overhead, keep your inner thigh muscles tightened. In addition, you will also want to bend your back slightly to feel the tension leave your pelvic and lower back.

#4. Butterfly Pose
This is one of the most common yoga poses, and the easiest. Simply sit on a flat, even surface with your spine straight and your legs crossed "Indian" style. The soles of your feet should be touching, as you slowly become flexible enough to touch your face to your feet. Like many of the yoga poses this one can also improve your performance in the bedroom.

#5. Noose Pose
It is not as frightening as the name implies, and can help men and women enjoy sexual intercourse more. While standing up straight, exhale as you slowly squat with your feet close together. As you inhale put your right hand on your right knee and the left hand around your back until you can touch the right hand. hold and repeat for the left side.

#6. Cobra Pose
Relieve back pain, stress, and muscle fatigue and increase your desire to have sex with the Cobra Pose. While lying on your belly, place your forehead against the floor and your palms by your mid section. Keep your legs together as you use your hands and back strength to slowly lift up from the floor. Hold and repeat while breathing slowly.


Yoga help men and women have great sex simply by relieving a lot of the stress and tension that comes with everyday life. While it can improve sexual performance and increase desire, it is not a cure for all sexual problems. Communication, honesty, and trust are still crucial in any healthy, sexual relationship whether you are a man or a woman.

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