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Top 50 bachelors named: Famous celebrity sons up for grabs

Leonardo DiCaprio remains one of the most eligible bachelors in America.
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Women looking for an available man have only to look as far as the February 2014 issue of Town and Country magazine to learn the names of the top 10 bachelors this year. And starting off that list is none other than Clint Eastwood's son Scott.

Scott Eastwood, 27, is following in his father's footsteps as an actor. If this male interests you then you need to know what he is looking for in a woman:

The kind who is not afraid to be alone,' Scott said, and one who will 'leave her phone at home."

David de Rothschild, 35, isn't looking for a lady to help him spend his family's extensive wealth. What he wants is a woman who is as environmentally conscious as he is, including his willingness to wear jackets made out of plastic bottles. And if you are looking for someone to whisk you off to exotic locales, be prepared to rough it when you get there, as this isn't a five-star hotel kind of guy.

Theo Spielberg, 25, is as creative as his father, but his love is pulling strings on a guitar instead of behind a movie camera. And his band Wardell will give you stiff competition when it comes to getting his attention.

Nick Perez, 25, and John Paul Perez, 29, are brothers with big shoes to fill as their father is known as the "Donald Trump of the tropics," according to T&C. The older man is also nicknamed "Condo King of Miami" so don't look for these two to fall too far from the parental tree when it comes to their main focus: real estate.

Gus Wenner, 23, and Theo Wenner, 27, both have strong ties to Rolling Stone magazine professionally, which their father owns. And if these two young men leaned the same way their father does, then they would not be involved with women at all. But Theo met his ex-girlfriend Liv Tyler at one of his father's magazine's photo shoots. And he is a real looker.

Robert F. Kennedy III, 28, is on the available hunk list by Town and County too. This is a guy with a wide range of interests, including rock climbing off in Tibet and going to Italy to write films, since he is a writer and film producer by trade, eschewing the political machine life of his family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger married into the Kennedy clan and he has one handsome son as a result. Patrick Schwarzenegger, 20, is a model, but he is also a clothing designer. And, unfortunately, he has a girlfriend that isn't likely to let this bachelor get away.

Another Kennedy made the top 50 bachelor list as well, and this one is Conor Kennedy, 19. He and Robert have different mothers (Robert's mom is Emily Black, while Conor's deceased mother's name is Mary Richardson Kennedy). If you like going to protests instead of black-tie affairs, this is the Kennedy for you, especially if you are against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Caroline Kennedy's son Jack Schlossberg, 21, has the most down-to-earth career aspirations. He wants to be an EMT. And he obviously had that desire ever since he was in second grade, since that is the age he was when he locked lips for the first time with a girl.

Rupert Friend, 32, may be one of the oldest available bachelors to make the list by the exclusive magazine if it were not for his competition, Peter Berg, 51, Jeff Bewkes, 61, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 39, who is possibly the most versatile bachelor out there when it comes to his ability to move effortlessly between formal and informal settings, whether it be with people of wealth and rank or those who are obsessed with the environment or art.

Jeff Bewkes and his wife of 20 years recently split or he wouldn't even be on this list. And what a catch he would be for the academic-loving woman, as he sits on two university boards. And they are both Ivy leaguers: Stanford and Yale.

Ansel Elgort, 19, looks like a young James Dean, but he is being called a Renaissance man. Mia Farrow's son Ronan, 26, has mesmerizing blue eyes. And it had been rumored that ole Blue Eyes himself was his father. But no one is really saying for sure. What is a definite is that this is one bachelor with a head on his shoulder, so a smart woman will catch his eye.

Every most eligible bachelor list has to have a prince on it and T&C's is no different, naming Prince Hussain Aga Khan, 39, as theirs. He was married once before, however, so that means divorcees may find him most appealing.

For those looking for a guy who appears able to commit but just not get married, there is bachelor and celebrity Johnny Depp, 50. This Hollywood heartthrob managed to stay with his former love for 14 years, fathering two children with Vanessa Paradis before they called it quits. And his Caribbean pirate act may not really be an act at all, since he has a private island in the Caribbean himself. Only wild ladies with tattoos need apply.

Rebound rocking bachelors that made the list include Russell Brand, 38. The Katy Perry ex is listed as someone that might be a handful for any woman, so interested females need to really believe they can handle a guy like him before they ever try to catch his eye. It might be better to take up the leisurely life with Justin Portman, 44, on his families 110 acres of land instead.

Twitter loving gals will want to check out Jack Dorsey, 37, and they better be prepared to live life simply, as this billionaire still rides buses for his transportation needs. And if you're looking for young and tech savvy, then Evan Spiegel, 23 is your guy. You will not have to worry about him being driven by money either, since he didn't even bat an eye when Facebook offered him $3 million for his Snapchat app., passing on the deal from them as well as the $4 million Google offered.

Polo fans have Nic Roldan, 30, to pine away after when he isn't golfing, playing tennis or surfing. And dating him will take you into the presence of such royals as Prince Harry, if that matters. And if it does, Harry, 29, is still single and on the list too. Golfer Adam Scott, 33, only wants a blonde girlfriend, so brunettes can forget him. And for the teetotaler out there is Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill. Yes, he's a "cousin thrice removed of Winston." So there is that.

German Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, 30, might make a widow of his future wife sooner than most of these bachelors would, as he has a fondness for participating in high-speed races. And he only narrowly escaped a crash from one this year. But at least his family owns castles you could enjoy if he insists on living so dangerously.

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