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Top 5 Xbox 360 Accessories


Accessories are like the icing on the cake.

Everyone already knows which Xbox 360 games to buy, but nobody knows which accessories to buy. So in addition to the Top Ten Xbox 360 games to buy, here's the Top Five for accessories.

Keep in mind, that this list doesn't include controllers, which are also very important if you have a gamer with an old controller, or more than one gamer in the house. This is assuming you have enough controllers for everyone in your home.

5. - Wireless Network Adapter- $79.99 - This is an excellent addition to any Xbox 360 user who has a wireless router in their home and wants to avoid all those tangled cords. It's rated a 4.2 out of 5 at Best Buy's website by users, and will allow you to have your Xbox 360 anywhere in your home with a wireless connection.

4. Netflix - $8.99 a month - Netflix on the Xbox 360 is awesome. A huge quantity of movies, from new releases to your favorite oldies, as well as many television series also. By paying the $8.99 a month, you get an 2 DVDs out to you at once, and unlimited viewing on the Xbox 360. No downloads necessary, instantly streaming onto your Xbox 360.

3. Induction Charging Pad - $39.99 - This techy accesory is awesome. For only $39.99 you get two induction charger battery packs, as well as a charger pad. No cords necessary for charging. Hassle free. It's an excellent addition to any gamers setup.

2. Turtle Beach Headset - $59.99 - $199.99 - The price varies on the different models for the Turtle Beach Headset, but the same is true of all of them. They greatly increase your immersion in a game. You hear every sound. Every footfall, every crinkle of your enemies clothing as they crawl up behind you, ever gunshot. The sound on these headsets are amazing. Surround sound all the way on all models, the only differences are basically whether you want a corded headset or a wireless one. Myself, I have the corded one. I have used the wireless one however, and have found it to be just as efficient. This is a must have for any gamer.

1. Xbox Live Gold Starter Pack - $69.99 - This is a great starter kit. It comes with a one year subscription to Xbox Live, which is valued at $49.99, a headset for talking on Xbox Live which is normally $19.99, Project Gotham Racing 4, which is $29.99 new, and a Messenger Chatpad which runs for $29.99. So all together you're getting a value of $129.96. This is a steal of a deal. Find it on Amazon, or here.

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