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Top 5 workplace resolutions for 2014

Stick to resolutions
Stick to resolutions

We’re only 27 days in – how are you coming with your new year’s resolutions? Hopefully you haven’t given up, and if you haven’t made any just yet it’s certainly not too late. Did you make any resolutions for work?

Glassdoor decided to take note of pending 2014 new year’s resolutions in their Q4 Employment Confidence Survey. Take a look at what your fellow American works resolve to do this year in their workplace:

Top 5 Workplace Resolutions for 2014?

  • 32% Get a raise
  • 22% Look for a new job
  • 20% develop leadership skills
  • 20% utilize all vacation time available
  • 19% engage work related training

More resolutions . . . .

1 in 5 respondents resolve to set clear performance goals in 2014 (21& Men, 13% women)
1 in 10 respondents resolve to head back to school (15% women, 7% of men)
1 in 10 respondents resolve to network with peers more (Total of 13%)
3% of employees resolve to get another employee fired in 2014

L&D Minute

Almost 30% of respondents in Glassdoor’s survey had a desire to develop skills & embrace additional work related training. Why? Obtaining, developing, & refining skills are an element of survival in today’s world of work. Many put forth effort do this with obtaining education, certifications and possibly engaging new tasks or new areas of work.

Here is an AWE challenge just for you! Challenge yourself this year to learn, develop, or strengthen, 12 or more of the most desirable workplace skills. That’s right, a skill a month – here we go!

  • Written Communications: expressing yourself clearly, using language with precision; constructing a logical argument; note taking, editing and summarizing; and writing reports; vocabulary, etc . . . .

Recently, European researchers (University of Kent) surveyed graduate recruiters in efforts to rank some of the most desirable workplace skills for today’s employers. Nine companies felt that communications should be a #1 skill of focus for soon to be graduates. But don’t think this evaluation starts after the interview.

Employers see an initial opportunity to assess these skills in job seekers by reviewing the content in applications, cover letters, & resumes. Remember your written word is an extension of you!
Take a look at these truly invaluable points about communication in the workplace, brought to us by two contributors. Save them, print them out, and make these visible to you. They can be a source of support in working towards better written communications within the workplace for all of 2014.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said. - Peter Drucker

WBI Spotlight

Save the date: In March we will see the release of the 2014 WBI U.S. Survey. 94 contributors supported this year’s survey and the campaign reached its target campaign funding, and more (thanks in part to an anonymously generous donor)! Find out how you too can support the Healthy Workplace Bill.

Happy Famous Birthdays to . . . . .

Today! Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Tuesday . . .

  • Joey Fatone, singer & actor, will be 36
  • Anthony Hamilton, R&B Artist, will be 42

Wednesday. . .

  • Oprah Winfrey, OWN Network, will be 59
  • Tom Selleck, actor, will be 68


  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 – 1945 )
  • Jalen Rose, retired Indiana Pacer & sports analyst, will be 40

and Friday . . .

  • Justin Timberlake, POP artist, will be 32
  • Jackie Robinson (1919-1972)
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