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Top 5 western fiction books at Woods Memorial Library - February 2014

Check out the below five books to find out what are some of the top western fiction books being read in Tucson. If you have not read them, then you might enjoy checking them out. The list is based on the most checked out books at the Woods Memorial Branch Library.

1. Zeke Cooper: The Saga Continues by Ray Adkins - This is the second book in the series set in the Arizona Territory.

2. Long Road to LaRosa by Paul Bagdon - This is the second book in the West Texas Sunrise series. It features a lawman and a ranchwomen pairing up to stop murderous outlaws.

3. The Eye of the Hawk: A Western Story by P. A. Bechko - This novel is about a man on his way to California to help out a stage and freight line and losing his memory along the way.

4. War in Lincoln County: A Western Story by Dane Coolidge - This story originally was a five part serial published in 1928.

5. The Owl Hoot Trail by Bennett Foster - The book is about the Wyoming Kid getting involved with outlaws and almost becoming one himself.

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