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Top 5 'Titanfall' communities

Last 2 weeks mentions have spiked since the release of the game.
Last 2 weeks mentions have spiked since the release of the game.

With the release of Titanfall, there has been over 200 communities created to support the game. In the past two weeks, mentions of the game have spiked 400%. This goal of this post is to breakdown the top 5 destinations for Titanfall communities. These rankings are based off quality of content, activity, and traffic.

1. "Titanfall-Community" (

This Titanfall community is receiving the bulk of the attention thus far. Gamers have flocked to the forums to discuss connectivity and other launch day problems. Other popular conversations include wishlists, and livestreams.

2. "Titanfall Gamer" (

This website is trying to be the homepage for Titanfall esports. The site is run by Thom Tyler "aNi", a major influencer in the UK with strong ties with the actual developers from Respawn.

3. "Titanfall Blog" (

Despite having similar design as "Titanfall Gamer", the two sites are not to be confused. This site is a spin-off from the very popular Charlie-Intel site from Call of Duty. The blog covers news, leaks, images, and videos.

4. "Titanfall Forums" (

Whether you're playing Titanfall on the Xbox One, 360 or PC this frontier may become the place to be. With a redesign this forum could work its way to the top of the Titanfall communities.

5. "Titandrop" (

This fansite portal features a handcrafted Titanfall wiki that is especially helpful for multiplayer maps. Regular updates from a dedicated staff as well as crowdsourced content could turn this site into a differentiated and sophisticated community.

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