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Top 5 tips for success from Grant Cardone

If you were to ask Grant Cardone for his five best tips for success, what do you think he'd say? Well here they are!

Grant Cardone
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Grant's five best tips, his baller tips, tips that will guarantee anyone will take their business to the next level.

Number one is to show up early. This has got to be about a thousand years old. Something everyone's father has told every son since the dawn of time. Arrive first and be prepared. Get there first, get ready and kill it. And even if you did absolutely nothing, but show up an hour early and just sat there for an hour before everyone else arrives, when people start to show up they'll all ask, "What is with this guy, what is he up to, what's he about?" Clear your head get there early get your game ready.

Number two is to stay late. If everyone else puts in an 8 hour day, you put in a 10 hour day, if they put a 10 hour day, put in a 12 hour day. If you're thinking you don't get paid for that, let Grant remind you that, yeah you do! What's going to be at home anyway? Nothing! The little kids don't like you, the wife doesn't want you there, the husband wants you to get back out there and sell something... get there early stay late.

Number three is you need 10 opportunities working for you all the time. You want to have the your hands full. God gave you two hands for a reason, if you want to count your toes too, then have 20 opportunities working! Have at least ten opportunities working to close at all times. Ten! Not two or four and not five but ten! Have so much going on that if something falls off, it's a relief!

Number four is to prepare to be disappointed. Disappointment is going to happen, its been happening to you your whole life. Prepare for it, that way you don't get shocked and get... disappointed. If you knew that was going to happen, it wouldn't sting so bad. Why are you surprised? Prepare to be disappointed. This is the reason you want ten opportunities or twenty, or a hundred. This is why you guys see me hustle all the time. Working Saturdays and Sundays. Look success does not know about the calendar or the clock.

Number five is never complain about how unfair the world is. Grant tells people all the time that we live in an unfair world! That's the way it is. Being the case that it is unfair, that the deck is stacked against you, go out there and get your unfair share. Let somebody else do that while you are getting yours and they are not getting theirs.

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