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Top 5 stressors in a marriage

Some stress in life is completely unavoidable. However, even when that is true, there are ways that we can lessen the effects of stress. Many times it is just in the way we choose to respond and react.

Recognizing that stress will come at some point in your marriage is important. To go into a marriage with the idea that you will never face difficulty is unrealistic. It also helps to prepare for the types of stress you may face and plan ahead of time how you will tackle the issue.

The top five stressors in a marriage include the following:

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Children
  • Time
  • Household Responsibilities

Money can be a huge stressor to a family that is struggling. One spouse may have terrible spending habits. There may be deception, such as hiding purchases. Arguing over money is very common.

Sex can also be an issue of stress in a marriage. This is especially true for couples who have young children and are battling fatigue.

As much of a joy that children can be, raising them can also be a stressor to a marriage. There may be disagreements on discipline or choices such as education. Children can also do a good job at playing one spouse against another.

There never seems to be enough time to do all that needs to be done and often what happens is that quality time with one another goes out the door. A lack of time together can also be a stressor in a marriage.

Finally, dividing up household responsibilities can become a real source of stress. One feels they do more than the other. Or it could be that one spouse isn’t satisfied with the way household responsibilities are carried out.

Knowing the top five stressors ahead of time can help in planning how you will deal with them.


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