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Top 5 St. Patrick's Day items to sell on eBay

Anything green works for St. Patrick's Day.
Anything green works for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day isn't a huge gift-giving holiday, but it is festive and people love to celebrate with decorations, clothing items, and fun party products. You still have two weeks to sell St. Patrick's themed items - even it if it only something green or with a shamrock or leprechaun on it. Be creative and think outside the box about the kinds of items you already have listed that keywords could be tweaked for to attract St. Patty's day buyers. Here is a list of five types of items that sell well on eBay for St. Patrick's Day.

1. T-Shirts with shamrocks, Kiss Me I'm Irish, leprechauns, beer, or St. Patrick's Day graphics. Or even solid green t-shirts that could be part of an outfit.

2. Sports jerseys for teams with green as their signature color. Teams include Boston Celtics, Notre Dame, Green Bay Packers, etc. The team itself doesn't have to be affiliated with the Irish, just focus on the color green.

3. Yard decor including inflatables, green strand lights, flags, banners, and windsocks. See completed listings for St. Patrick's Day yard decor on eBay here.

4. Beverage related items including coffee mugs, beer mugs, wine goblets, reusable plastic cups, beer pitchers, customized or hand-painted plastic tumblers. St. Patrick's Day is definitely a drinking holiday so make these items available to your customers.

5. Costumes, clothing, and accessories. Items like leprechaun costumes, Irish-themed sweaters, green blazers, shamrock embellished vests, festive hats, green bow ties, and belts. Maybe you have some green clothing items in your inventory that can be marketed for St. Patrick's Day.

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