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Top 5 science fiction authors at Woods Memorial Library - May 2014

Check out the below five authors to find out what are some of the top science fiction books being read in Tucson. If you have not read them, then you might enjoy checking them out. The list is based on the most checked out books at the Woods Memorial Branch Library.

1. Sharon Lee - This author has written several series and novels based in the Laiden Universe.

2. Jim Butcher - This author is most known for his Dresden Files series. His other series include Codex Alera and Cinder Spires trilogy.

3. Terry Brooks - This author has had over 20 New York Times bestsellers. Most of his books are part of his Shannara series, but he also has written the Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

4. Harry Turtledove - This author has written several series that are a mix of science and historical fiction. His series include ones set in the Byzantine era (Videssos) and the Civil War (Southern Victory and War Between the Provinces). He also has written a number of stand alone novels.

5. Mercedes Lackey - This author's books are mostly set in the country of Valdemar in the world of Velgarth.

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