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Top 5 reasons why 'Pokemon X/Y' will remain in my 3DS for months to come

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Ever since Pokemon released the latest versions of the franchise, X and Y, they have become my favorite games. X and Y presented the franchise with new features and new mechanics ranging from 3D graphics and diagonal movement to Sky Battles and Pokemon-Amie, it's the biggest and funnest entry yet, but there's 5 particular reasons why Pokemon X and Y will remain in my 3DS for months to come.

5. Patches and updates

It seems ridiculous to say that patches are a reason to be excited, but with the increased attention on battling and trading, patches and updates help to keep the online component of Pokemon balanced. Cheating devices and hacks can be combated with updates keeping the game fair.

4. Online Focus

This is another change for Pokemon. The online focus is so big this time around that the post-game is almost non-existant by comparison. The GTS and Wonder Trade help keep interest alive as well as true online battles help keep players on their toes when it comes to making the perfect team.

3. Catch 'em all

With over 700 Pokemon, there's plenty left to catch after the end of the main series. On top of the 700+ available monsters, several have different forms like Deoxys and Vivillion and there's also the mega stones available to find.

2. Breeding, Friends, and Training.

Making the perfect Pokemon team used to mean hours of battle grinding, but with an increased focus on competitive battling, training has been made easier. Breeding the perfect Pokemon is complemented with items, Pokemon-Amie helps unlock certain moves and evolutions as well as stat boosts for battles and Super Training does away with hours of battle grinding and instead replaces the chore with fun mini-games. Those afraid of using the online field for testing their teams are welcome to use the Battle Chateau to test the strength of their Pocket Monsters.

1. DLC (and future events)

Nintendo has a strict policy of releasing the best product possible, going as far as extending the release date of a game by years if needed, and Pokemon is no exception. In the past, DLC went as far as event Pokemon that could be obtained at Toys 'R Us or Gamestop and maybe a built in event at launch and that would be the end of that, but with the ability to install patches, why wouldn't the Big N make a special event available via download for the game? Nintendo could release and entirely new sidequest or story for the game, a new tournament mode or even new minigames. The fact that this is now a possibility makes me excited and I hope to see Nintendo do something fun with this new ability.

Overall, I'm very excited to keep playing my Pokemon game. I've beaten the core story line, dabbled with online play, but mostly I'm keeping busy catching all the Pocket Monsters and befriending them in Pokemon-Amie.

Let me know what you hope to see in the future of Pokemon as well as what you're doing now.


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