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Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for your digital marketing

Using WordPress to manage Digital Advertising
Using WordPress to manage Digital Advertising

Every business could use more qualified leads. Also, would it help if the folks whom you reached with your advertising were already “looking” for your products and services!? Well, that in a nut-shell is Inbound Marketing! In this post we will explore the Top 5 reasons you should use WordPress for Digital Marketing:

1) More Qualified Leads: Inbound marketing leads to more qualified prospects since the clients are already searching for your products and services. Unlike Outbound Marking with Inbound Marketing the content is only served to prospect who are searching for similar products and services that you are marketing. This will increase the probability of positive results if the prospects find compelling information when they contact you.

2) Less Expensive: Leads that are generated from Inbound marketing are less expensive. According to Hubspot, leads generated by Inbound Marketing are 61% less expensive.

3) More Intimacy: With Inbound Marketing you will have access to great analytic about where your leads are coming from. You will know which of your WordPress blog posts are attracting more unique visitors which in turn will help you develop better products and services for your customers. This is in contrast to Outbound Marketing where you have no information about how your ads performing.

4) No Special Software Required: To generate leads using Inbound Marketing you will only need to develop relevant content and publish it online for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Naturally we recommend WordPress as the blogging platform since the amount of Plugins, and Tools to help develop content is priceless. All you need is the zeal and the commitment to generate fresh and good content to attract readers.

5) Powerful Analytics: Using Google Analytics you will be able to find out where your traffic is coming from and what they are looking for! Can you imagine running a restaurant and knowing ahead of time what menus items would be the most desirable!? Well, with Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics create this kind of visibility to what your potential clients are searching for.

Generating traffic to your website will take serious commitment and dedications. Take Homestretch Properties which was able to get more than 3,000 unique visitors to their site with 2 months of using inbound marketing.

Finally WordPress offers powerful advertising Plugins that will provide you with an option to serve ads that are related toy our content of your blog post. This should increase your chances of conversion leading to more revenue from your website.

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