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Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Wedding During the Summer! (With Slideshow)

Summer Wedding Hair and Makeup.
Summer Wedding Hair and Makeup.

As spring wedding season winds down some of us begin to wonder the wisdom of all these springtime weddings. Especially with the tons cherry blossom themed weddings in Washington D.C., Hair and Makeup Artists for weddings in DC are booked to maximum capacity! Many people, especially future brides, daydream about their springtime wedding, but there are some really good reasons to have a wedding during summertime instead.

1. Less Weddings to Schedule Around

Everyone schedules their wedding during the spring! This means many people have to deal with schedule conflicts in order to attend your wedding. Plus, makeup and hair artists, wedding venues, honeymoon destinations, catering businesses and all wedding-related services are booked to the max, so they can afford to charge you a little extra for the inconvenience- that is if they are even available. Summertime is usually a quiet time for weddings, so your guests and wedding services will be available for your special day!

2. Destination Weddings

When we think about summertime weddings, most of us think about destination weddings. A great thing about summer is that people have time and budgets to travel to a destination wedding. If you are dreaming of a wedding on a faraway beach then definitely choose summer to make that dream come true. Destination weddings also have really fun wedding styles, hair and makeup to take advantage of for all the fashionistas brides out there! See the slideshow for ideas!

3. Hair and Makeup

Some brides fear what the heat and humidity can do to a bride’s look, but professional who do Bridal Hair in Washington DC and Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington DC know how to work around these problems. We don’t have time to go into details here, but sometimes we can use the heat and humidity to our advantage of our bridal look. Read this Beauty Blog to check out the best summertime bridal beauty tips!

4. More Predictable Weather

Spring offers wonderful weather for weddings sometimes, but the weather often can be very unpredictable. Your magical springtime wedding can easily turn into a rainy, chilly affair. Summer may be hot and dry, but at least it is predictable when it comes to weather patterns. If you don’t like unpleasant weather surprises then summertime is the best time for a wedding. Not to mention springtime allergies can make a spring weddings unpleasant for some brides, grooms and bridal guests!

5. Summer Love!

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