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Top 5 reasons not to work out and why they are BS
Tailored Fit

1. Time. You MUST find time for health and fitness, or you WILL find time for injury and illness.

2. Money. Unless you win the lottery, chances are money will always remain a consideration. Most folks spend 2 or 3 dollars a day, or more, on things they don't need as their health and appearance continues to deteriorate.

3. Commitment. Name one significant thing you or anybody else has ever accomplished without fully committing to it. What else is more important than committing to your health? Parents need to consider their own health as it relates to taking care of their families, before they answer "family". Physical issues create emotional issues, both of which can detract from being an overall effective nurturing parent.

4. Spouse. Lack of support at home can be a difficult issue. However, whose health is it? You need to take care of yourself too.

5. Insecurity. Understandable. However, do you wish to remain insecure for the rest of your life as your health and appearance deteriorate? Why not face your insecurities for a few months until you know enough to make them go away?

***Knowledge is power.  It eliminates confusion and fear.  Take control of your health today and get educated.  Let's get fit Cincy!