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Top 5 reasons for employee failure

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Many business owners and human resources executives become disappointed because the people they hire fail to live up to the promises of their resume. Seldom is it because of the employee’s abilities if the candidate is properly vetted before being hired. Instead, it is typically because of internal issues. Most industry experts believe there are five prime reasons employees fail.

They don’t know what to do

Each of the five generations in today’s workforce has a very specific way they choose to receive directives and orders. It is imperative the supervisor understands the generational approach to managing a team. (Click here to see the generational approaches.)

They don’t know how to do the job

Teaching someone how to do a job is important as one’s initial experience with a new job will have an impact on the employee’s engagement to the employer in the future. There are two ways employees learn how to do a job. Click here to learn more about the two cognitive learning styles.

They don’t have the resources

Many employees are trying to do a great job, but they do not have the resources they need to reach this goal of success. Click here for some tips as to how you can provide resources economically.

They don’t have the motivation

Call it motivation energy or motivational attachment. If your employees do not have it your productivity will suffer. Click here for some ideas of how to motivate your employees.

They don’t fit the job

Job fit is a critical element of one’s success probability. Click here to see survey results demonstrating the lack of job fit.

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