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Top 5 positions that guarantee your partner will orgasm

Top 5 Positions That Guarantee Your Partners Orgasm
Top 5 Positions That Guarantee Your Partners Orgasmshutterstock

Life would be so wonderful if orgasms were guaranteed or achieved easily by every woman, but no matter how much you'd want this to be real, it just isn’t. In fact, not every woman will get to have an orgasm and while some of them have one pretty fast, others have it after maybe 20 or 30 minutes of having sex. For you, the man, this is certainly tiresome and you may not be in your best shape to have sex this long every single time she's in the mood for some action. Therefore, below we will take a closer look at the best positions for orgasm that will permanently change your sex life for the better and allow you to increase your self confidence.

1. The Deckchair

The deckchair is a great sex position to try because it gives both partners a very pleasurable experience. As a man you're going to enjoy a sense of domination and this is certainly going to make a feminist partner experience very intense pleasure. On top of that, your penis will rub against her G-spot as well which in turn gives her a very powerful orgasm she won't forget too soon. To make things even more pleasurable and interesting, you should start off with cunnilingus before attempting this position. Read more: [Top 5 list of sex positions women love]

2. Modified Coital Alignment Technique

To have sex in this position, you need to start in the missionary position and once you penetrate your partner, she will have to bring her legs together between yours. Next, all you need to do is bring your weight a bit forward. By doing so, while thrusting you will also produce friction that pleasures her clitoris as you move. What is great about this position is that not only will you stimulate her clitoris, but you also penetrate her, which guarantees shell have a very powerful orgasm. Read more: [Sex in the water: Top places to do it]

3. The Counter Top

Many couples love this position and it seems that it's shown a lot in movies. The counter top position involves the woman laying on her back on the table or maybe on the counter while the man penetrates her standing. Given the fact she lays on the table, it's easy for you to maneuver her, go deep and feel like you are in control. At the end of the day, even though there are things in the way, the counter top still allows for connection. Read more: [For men and women: How to last longer in bed]

4. The Slow Climb

This is in fact a very fun position to try and once you do try it, you will never look at the missionary position in the same way again. To try it, the lady needs to lie on her back and put a pillow under her butt. Next, she has to lift those hips and finally bring the legs up and back towards the shoulders. When you assume this position, your man will have an easier time thrusting and this allows for a much deeper and pleasurable penetration. On top of that, he can also stimulate your G-spot much easier this way.

However, you should consider this the warm-up, because after the G-spot is stimulated long enough, make sure that you tell your man to get into the CAT position. This means he is going to be on top, but lifting his pelvic bone upwards. Now he can also rub your clitoris and this in turn will make you reach the ultimate pleasure and that long awaited orgasm. Read more: [8 tips for having bigger, better orgasms]

5. The Pirate's Bounty

The name of this position is certainly interesting, right? Well, if you love deep penetration and if you want her to feel you deep inside, then you may want to try the Pirate's bounty as soon as possible. Keep in mind that since it requires your partner to be a bit flexible, you should only attempt it if you know she can bend well enough for this to work. If she cannot, then she'll only get some painful cramps and that’s not what you're after, right?

Getting down to business, your partner needs to lay on her back with a leg resting on one side and one on your shoulder. You need to use your hands to balance your weight, otherwise it'll ruin the experience and put too much strain on her. Just don't forget to say "Argh" like a real pirate and you can bet this will add to the dramatic effect. Read more: [Make your sex life better with prolonged foreplay]

So there you have it, the best positions for orgasm that you should definitely try with your partner as soon as possible. After you go for any of them, your lady will have a powerful orgasm she'll never forget and guess who's going to be proud of himself for it? Yep, you are!