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Top 6: Places to get gluten-free fried chicken in Atlanta

Tin Roof Kitchen's fried chicken
Tin Roof Kitchen's fried chicken
Jennifer Harris

Many people who live in the South consider fried chicken and sweet tea a staple. I have lived in Georgia for more than a decade and it has only been in the last few years that gluten-free fried chicken has become an option at restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I have made it at home for myself many times, but it just isn't the same experience as being able to order it when dining out.

The restaurants below make fabulous gluten-free fried chicken that isn't detectable and they make is safely by taking cross contact seriously. The main difference between gluten-free fried chicken and gluten fried chicken is obviously the flour, but not for the reasons you might think. Gluten-free flour doesn't absorb grease the way gluten flour does, so the result is a crispier piece of chicken.

I had to list the restaurants in alphabetical order because there is no way I could pick just one favorite from this lot.

Bantam & Biddy - their gluten-free fried chicken comes in the form of fried chicken tenders that pair nicely with their housemade sauces. I like going into this restaurant because I can get gluten-free fried chicken tenders, jalapeno cornbread, and sweet tea. The restaurant has developed a proprietary gluten-free batter that is prepared in a dedicated fryer and is kept covered when not in use.

Chick-a-Biddy - in Atlanta Station only makes and sells gluten-free fried chicken tenders that unsuspecting consumers eat with gusto. The tenders are so meaty that one or two is all you need for a full belly. They also offer gluten-free macaroni and cheese, onion rings, etc. They don't fry anything that contains gluten, so the fryer is dedicated by default.

Cardamom Hill - Chef Asha was the first restaurant to offer gluten-free fried chicken back in 2012. The gluten-free version of her award-winning Kerala‐style fried chicken is moist and layered with flavor. The restaurant uses a combination of lentil and rice flour in place of regular flour to bread the chicken. This is no ordinary fried chicken either because days of tradition go into each serving. The chicken is brined one day and marinated in Indian spices the next day before it is fried in dedicated coconut oil to prevent cross contact. I just learned that this lovely restaurant is going to close at end of service on July 28, so if you want to try their gluten-free fried chicken, don't delay!

Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub - in Brookhaven has a selection of gluten-free fare noted with a "GF" in a circle. The star of the menu to me is their gluten-free fried chicken. After being brined in buttermilk, it is fried in corn starch and rice flour in separate baskets and separate fryers. Their chicken fryers are in a different part of the kitchen and the chicken is put in the fryer by a completely different cook. It is fried to order and is a half of a chicken...a breast, thigh, leg and wing. Most of their fried items are either gluten free or can be done in gluten-free batter in a separate fryer. Their kitchen staff is well aware of the dangers of cross contamination and they give it the same amount of attention as if they were preventing cross-contamination with raw pork, beef, or poultry.

Max's Wine Dive - the newest restaurant among this bunch has just opened in Atlanta and has been making gluten-free fried chicken for a while now. They marinate the chicken in buttermilk and add ground cauliflower to their batter to bump up the crispiness. The chicken is just astounding and has a thick layer of batter that stays in place bite after bite. All of their gluten-free entrees, and there are many, are noted on the menu and are served on separate plates to prevent any confusion in the kitchen. They have a dedicated fryer that is across the room from the regular fryers to prevent cross contact.

Tin Roof Kitchen - I would call their iteration chicken fried chicken because it is served boneless and topped with peppery white gravy. The coating isn't as thick and it tends to release from the chicken easily, but it is wonderfully flavorful and crispy.

Where do you go to eat gluten-free fried chicken? Have you tried it at any of these restaurants? What did you think?

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