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Top 5 non-fiction authors at Woods Memorial Library - July 2014

Check out the below five authors to find out what are some of the top non-fiction being read in Tucson. If you have not read them, then you might enjoy checking them out. The list is based on the most checked out books at the Woods Memorial Branch Library.

1. Maya Angelou - This is African American author wrote several autobiographies as well as published books of essays and poetry. Her first autobiography was I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which is about her life up to age 17.

2. Rick Steves - This author is most known for his TV series about traveling in Europe and has published a number of travel guides for various European destinations including guides for cities as well as countries.

3. Pema Chodron - This author is a Tibetan Buddhist. She has written several books related to Buddhism including how to meditate. Her books include Always Maintain A Joyful Mind : And Other Lojong Teachings On Awakening Compassion And Fearlessness, Be Grateful To Everyone : An In-Depth Guide To The Practice Of Lojong, and How To Meditate : A Practical Guide To Making Friends With Your Mind.

4. Deepak Chopra - This author focuses on alternative medicine. His books include Ageless Body, Timeless Mind : The Quantum Alternative To Growing Old, The Book Of Secrets : Unlocking The Hidden Dimensions Of Your Life, and Boundless Energy : The Complete Mind/Body Program For Overcoming Chronic Fatigue.

5. Mark Hyman - This author is a doctor that promotes functional medicine. His books include The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet, The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook, and The Ultrametabolism Cookbook : 200 Delicious Recipes That Will Turn On Your Fat-Burning DNA.

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