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Top 5 most wanted Smash Bros. characters

One of the characters with the most potential for Super Smash Bros. is Paper Mario and his wide cast of partners
One of the characters with the most potential for Super Smash Bros. is Paper Mario and his wide cast of partners
Paper Mario

Part of, if not the majority of the excitement for the newest Super Smash Bros. title is the speculation over the game's potential newcomers. With just a little more than a month to go until the Japanese release of the 3DS version, we will soon have a full look at the roster. For now however all we can do is guess and as such these are the five characters that I would most like to see make their Smash Bros. debuts.

5. King K. Rool - Donkey Kong

When it comes to villains, King K. Rool has seen his fair share of battles. More than even the likes of Ganondorf, K. Rool has had a ton of screen time as a Nintendo bad guy. With a series as popular as Donkey Kong, it seems like a no brainer to add the Kong’s most recurring rival in King K. Rool.

K. Rool has changed his style more times than he can keep track of, and with his new look he also added some moves. His blunderbuss could be used to shoot cannon balls at his enemies while his crown can be tossed like a boomerang. His boxing debut came in Donkey Kong 64, and those moves could be used for some of his A button punches.

4. Hector - Fire Emblem

Of the Fire Emblem characters we have seen in the Smash Bros. series, all have been swordsman until the appearance of Robin. While Robin uses magic, he also is equipped with a sword much like his counterparts. Hector on the other hand is an axe wielding warrior who made his appearance in America’s first Fire Emblem game.

As stated earlier, the thing that makes Hector special is that he is a big and brawly axe user. Whereas sword characters in Fire Emblem and Smash Bros. alike often rely on speed and close combat, axe users have the option of throwing their weapon or using it to do heavy, yet slow damage. His move-set would be the most unique among the characters in his series and he would also represent an important part of American Nintendo history.

3. Bomberman - Bomberman

Bomberman has graced every main Nintendo console except the Wii U and 3DS. He was even featured in a game where he was paired up with Wario. As a third-party character there would certainly be some strings that would need to be pulled to have him included, however his history with Nintendo is long and well received.

With a name like Bomberman, it seems pretty obvious would his move-set would be centered around. That’s right, bombs. Bomberman has big bombs, small bombs, fast bombs and slow bombs. It may seem pretty simple, but it would be incredibly fun and most importantly, destructive.

2. Duck Hunt Dog - Duck Hunt

Like R.O.B. in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Duck Hunt Dog would be the perfect NES retro character. Not only could the Duck Hunt Dog be a great retro rep, but he could also show off one of the system's most popular accessories. Duck Hunt was a simple game that took advantage of the NES Zapper and required the player to aim at their television and shoot down ducks. When you get a game over, a dog appears on the screen and does nothing but laugh at your failure.

Of course the move-set would most prominently take advantage of the NES Zapper. Other moves could involve the use of the ducks, which in the most obvious of cases could be used to help the Duck Hunt Dog fly high as a recovery move. Most importantly we all know what his taunt would be: His all too famous laugh.

1. Paper Mario - Paper Mario

The mustachioed piece of loose leaf has always been my top choice in these types of discussions. What he lacks in dimension he more than makes up for in potential. What makes Paper Mario a perfect choice for Smash Bros. is not entirely what he himself brings to the table, but what he and his partners do.

Most Paper Mario games involve Mario gathering up a cast of characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom. He could kick koopas or use them to fly to safety. He could blow up bob-ombs or swing his trusty hammer. When in danger, he could use his boo partner to become invisible. There are countless opportunities to make Paper Mario one of the most original characters, and in turn he easily is my most wanted Smash Bros. newcomer.

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