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Top 5 mistakes Amazon sellers make

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Selling on Amazon has become a popular way to earn a little extra money from home, get rid of books and media collecting dust in cabinets, and find new homes for collectible toys and games. Mistakes can result in unhappy customers, lower profits, and even account suspension. Unfortunately, many new sellers are jumping in too fast and not reading or paying attention to the Amazon Terms of Service. Here is a list of the top 5 mistakes Amazon sellers make – usually due to ignorance or sloppy listings.

Photos not to Amazon standards. Amazon’s Product Image Requirements state that the image must be on a pure white background, must be in focus, and cannot contain additional text, graphics or inset images. This guideline is often violated by new sellers coming over from eBay who quickly snap a photo of the item as they would for an eBay listing. Amazon is strict about keeping their catalog clean and professional-looking.

Confusing titles. The title of a product on an Amazon listing page should be concise and direct. Sellers often keyword stuff titles hoping for better placement in searches. The title should not include extraneous information, adjectives, or exclamatory words.

Wrong weights entered in FBA items. Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is where sellers ship items to Amazon warehouses and Amazon ships (or fulfills) the order when the item sells. When entering a new product in the catalog, sellers should take great care to enter the correct weight as this can affect fees for any seller who sells the product. Typos in the weight section are a common error.

Changing the quantity of a multipack. Lazy sellers often change the quantity of a multipack – say a set of 2 bags of M&Ms to a set of 3. This causes great confusion on the customer’s part, and blindsides other sellers who have been selling under that listing. Respect the marketplace and make sure you are listing under the correct product page, and don’t change existing multipacks just because it is convenient.

Shipping unacceptable glass containers to FBA. Because FBA items endure extra handling in warehouses, there are strict rules for what can be sent to an Amazon fulfillment center. Glass containers cannot be more than four ounces, must be bubble wrapped, and must survive a three-foot drop test onto concrete. Make sure glass is adequately wrapped with bubble wrap, don’t send in glass containers larger than four ounces (even if another seller is doing it), and never bundle glass items together to make a set. For sets of items, wrap each item individually, put in a box, and send in the boxed unit.

Read and study all the Amazon FBA Policies and Requirements before shipping any items to a warehouse.



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