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Top 5 live music venues in Evansville

Don't miss out on great shows at Fast Eddy's
Don't miss out on great shows at Fast Eddy's
Fast Eddy's website

Ever walked into a bar to see your favorite band, only to pay an arm and a leg for a drink?  What about dressing up for a lovely evening only to find it's a leather-and-lace crowd tonight?  Worry no more; here are the top 5 live music venues in Evansville.

1. Fast Eddy's - Considered one of Evansville's best party bars, Fast Eddy's has it all; spacious dance floor, multiple drink bars, pool tables, outdoor patio, and amazing burgers! (Who doesn't love a good burger after a day of drinking?) The entertainment is packed full with karaoke on Wednesdays, Eddy's famous "Thong Thursdays", and live music throughout the weekend, as well as various other promotions.  The stage has great lighting and the sound system brings the thunder; Lookin' for that good-time party bar?  Fast Eddy's is it! 

2. Hoosiers Lounge - Nestled within Casino Aztar, Hoosiers Lounge offers anything from local cover bands to travelling national acts.  While the bands normally are aimed at the older crowd, music lovers of any age can find something they like with entertainment going on 7 days a week.  The central-bar layout doesn't allow for too much seating, so arrive early.   With that said, who could complain?  You're right next to a casino!  Music, gambling, and booze tend to go hand in hand.

3. Fox and Hound - Calling all aristocrats; Cigars, lavish seating (in the Green Room and the Burgundy Room) and a wide liquor selection would make Trump feel at home.  But wait, are those chicken wings, dart boards, and pool tables?  Do I see draft beer specials, UFC pay-per-views and live acoustic music?  That's right, the Fox has something for everyone, so grab your cigar-cutters and leave the wife at home; it's guys' night.

4. The Duck Inn - The rumor-mill is full of history on the Duck Inn; bands like Nickleback and Motley Crue are said to have passed through the Ducks' Door (all before they became famous, of course).  Centered around original bands, the Duck Inn is the spot for music appreciation; live local acts as well as travelling up-starts play the Duck every weekend.  A smaller venue, but still a great place to catch live music.  Cheap drinks are always a plus as well...

5. Woody's West - After a fire ended the reign of Woody's on Main street, we thought all hope was lost... Then, like a pheonix reborn, Woody's West emerged!  Continuing the legacy of the "hardest bar in town", Woody's West is located in the former White Lightning Saloon.  Woody's on main was known for the big-name acts that played there recently, including 10 Years, Saliva, and Drowning Pool, and we can only hope these acts will still come to Evansville via Woody's.  Be sure to keep an eye on Woody's West; you never know what they're gonna come up with next.


  • Ashley 5 years ago

    I have been to Eddy's a handful of times, and I love it! They do have the best burgers in the area and great music as well!

  • Bryce 5 years ago

    I couldnt have put the list in any better order, I would have made a case for Ri-Ra's because they have good music, but the over priced drinks and bad service dont make for a enjoyable experience outside of the bands. Great article man!

  • Carol 5 years ago

    Great list. Have been to 3 out of 5, and now will definitely check out the two I have missed. Helpful info and definitely enticed me to look into these bars. Definitely agree with the Ri Ra comment from Bryce; I love their live music, but not the drink prices and limited food menu late night.

  • Heather H. 5 years ago

    Jared great list. I have been to 3 of the 5. But you make me wanna check out the others. Good job :^D

  • Brandy V. 5 years ago

    I agree with you 100%!

  • SMunnier 5 years ago

    Well-considered list and on-the-mark evaluations; witty and original review.

  • Bird 5 years ago

    I wouldn't put Woody's anywhere close to the top. All the place is good for is fights and wanna be gansters. Other than that I like the list!!

  • Rachel 5 years ago

    You are all crazy. Fast Eddy's has the worst live music known to man. If I have to hear another 90s college rock cover band I'm going to swear off the Evansville live music scene all together.

  • Zman 4 years ago

    I'm new to the area, and here for 10 weeks. I'm definitely going to check out the local live music, thanks for the list! Does anyone know of any open mic nights in the area? I'd love to get out and jam a little bit while I'm here.