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Top 5 legitimate paid online survey sites – get paid for your hard work

Online Survey
Online Survey

In the world where companies are desperate to know the opinions of their customers, many paid online survey sites have come up to fill in the demand. After all, marketing is a very big business. And for a successful marketing campaign and delivery of quality products, what a company needs is the viewpoint of its customers. Paid survey sites bridge the gap of providing opinions to these companies, and are now also proving to be a good source of income for many people. The best thing about signing up for these sites is that anyone can sign up, you don’t need to have any kind of special qualifications.

But along with the advantage that you get by signing up for these paid companies, there are many sites in this niche that are a scam. They fool you, sell your information to marketers who will then spam your inbox, or they can even ask you to register with money and then take all your money away. You need to be aware of such sites. For helping you choose the best online paid survey sites from where you can start, I have put together a list of 5 legitimate paid survey sites that will surely pay you for your hard work:

  1. Elite Survey Sites

By definition, it is not a survey company where you can take surveys. But are you fully equipped to take a survey without knowing the difference between the sites that can scam you and the sites which are legitimate? From tips that you can use to maximize your earning by filling surveys to the art of spotting genuine survey sites, this blog is a must follow for anyone who wants to earn money by filling surveys online.

The surveys that are mentioned on this site have been confirmed, and therefore you need not be worried about its legitimacy. You can simply go to their recommended site, take up the survey and you will definitely be paid. This way you won’t have to be in a confused state of mind about whether a site will be paying you for taking surveys or not.

  1. Opinion Outpost

It is a simple website with a simple motive. It finds companies that need reviews via surveys and finds customers who are ready to provide it. They go by their straightforward motto of letting the customers voice their opinion. Registering on the site is pretty simple, and you can start taking up surveys in no time. There are many niches for you to take a survey, and when you take a survey, you will get points for the same. These points can then be later exchanged for cash or other rewards that the site offers.

This site also uses your personal information to provide you the added advantage of letting you fill surveys about your favourite brand. They target your demographics to provide you the opportunity to fill surveys about those brands only that you very well know about. This makes these surveys a win-win situation for both company and individuals taking up the surveys. Also, as a survey participant on their site, you even get a chance to win a prize of $10,000 which they give to one participant each quarter.

  1. Pinecone Research

This site is considered as one of the forefront runners for providing quality online surveys. Any form of opinion from the consumer regarding a product is very important for its improvement. Once you sign up with Pinecone Research, you will be able to take up surveys concerning different kinds of product on the site. The opinions that you provide regarding the product in question will then be utilised to improve the product.

An average survey on Pinecone research takes about 20 minutes of your time. But you will be properly compensated for your time by the website when the survey is finished. Generally, this website also tends to ship the products off to its panellist for reviewing the product.

  1. Get Paid Surveys

It is another great website that provides you with required information to get started with taking surveys online. They provide you with detailed information about various survey sites with deep analysis. You can get the pros and cons for signing up for any website present in their list. This way it will become easier for you to choose the best website for taking up surveys according to your own requirements.

Get Paid Surveys will also let you know their own opinion about a site and will suggest you whether you should join them or not. You can also get some tips on this site that will help you in making maximum profits by filling up surveys. Also, you will be equipped with the know-how of identifying fake sites. One great way of identifying legitimate paid survey sites mentioned on this site is to check that the compensation that you are being provided for your survey is in the accordance of the survey being done or not. It means that if you are being paid very high for an easy task, then there’s definitely something fishy. You can get many more tips and tricks related to the task of filling surveys online on this site.

  1. My Survey

This one is a great legit survey panel. I would highly recommend it. The opinion that consumers provide in their survey on this site is used to improve the end product, thereby benefitting the consumer and company both. The website is also known for providing very interesting rewards to its customers like electronic items, gift cards, and cash too.

Sign-up procedure is quite simple, and you can get started on this site in no time. The website is totally verified, and the statistics of their payment is very motivating for other people taking up their surveys. In 2013, they paid over $16,000,000 to their customers for reviewing products. Now, isn’t that really motivating for you to take up a survey on their site?

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