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Top 5 job search trends for 2014

See what's trending in job search strategy for 2014
See what's trending in job search strategy for 2014
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Living in the digital age, we can count on the fact nothing stays still for very long. That includes job search trends. Standards like LinkedIn were new and emerging just a few years ago. Now social media is the mainstay of an effective job search strategy. Below are the top 5 job search trends that are a must for every job seeker.

1. Cultural fit trumps qualifications. Employers don’t necessarily hire the most skilled candidates. According to Lauren Rivera, professor at Northwestern University, “fit is believed to be a strong predictor of employee retention”. The longer employees stick around, the more companies save in hiring and on-boarding costs. Glassdoor’s spokesperson, Scott Dobroski reports job seekers site company culture as their second-highest priority, “almost tied with salary”.

How can a job seeker prepare for the non-traditional ‘fit’ questions they are likely to field in an interview? First, review Glassdoor for the company you will be interviewing with. Glassdoor lists over 285,000 interview questions categorized by company. Next, search for the company’s current or past employees on LinkedIn; get an introduction and request an informational phone meeting.

2. Manage personal brand. Your digital footprint is more important than ever before. 9 times out of 10, a resume received will prompt the reviewer to search for you on-line. Don’t assume everything is fine. Google yourself and check for content so you can manage what others will find. If you are using several social media platforms maintain consistency in your branding.

3. Social Media Recruiting. Both search firm and corporate recruiters are rapidly honing their social recruiting skills which means candidates must be visible on line and up to speed with the tools or risk missing out on their dream opportunities. According to Execunet, 82% of search firm recruiters and 71% of corporate recruiters reported increased visibility on social networks to support their recruiting efforts in 2013. LinkedIn continues to be recruiters’ preferred social media recruiting site at 94%, Jobvite.

4. Video-Enabled Talent Acquisition. Internet video usage in the US has skyrocketed. Comscore reported Americans watching more than 46 billion videos in the month of August, 2013 alone. Likewise, employers have jumped on the bandwagon by ‘jobcasting' – marketing their job openings via podcasts. Job seekers can download audio/video files to their computers or onto mobile devices. Jobcasts provide much more than a job description by providing a sense of the real work environment and establishing a sense of ‘fit’ that is so important for job seekers.

5. LinkedIn. LinkedIn continues to be the preferred social media site for recruiters, companies and job seekers alike. LinkedIn gets more job views than Twitter and Facebook combined, Bullhorn. What does this mean for the job seeker? Create a branded profile that is a bit more personal than your resume to engage your readers. Take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer in creating a comprehensive profile including: Video; graphics, photos and blog posts. Expand your network and maintain contact. Even those who are not in an active job search need to stay active on LinkedIn by posting status updates regularly to create brand awareness.

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