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Top 5 Hot Summertime Beauty Trends

Some types of cosmetics and the humidity of summertime just do not mix. If we just use regular cosmetics during the summer, the sweat and heat can lead to makeup-running, skin infections, makeup dissolving, invisible makeup and colors just looking terrible. To help you avoid looking like a hot mess, we highlighted some summer 2014 beauty trends along with the products you can use to pull off these looks off despite the summertime weather. Be sure to check out our slideshow featuring images from a Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington D.C.

Metallic eyes!
Audrey Bethards

1. Natural Lips

The carefree nature of summer just doesn’t beckon for traditional dark lipsticks. Instead, for everyday use natural and light lip cosmetics like Lip Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm. provide just enough shine and fun for everyday summer looks.

2. Metallic Eyes

Metallic is everywhere in the fashion and beauty world this summer, so adding metallic eye shadow is a fun way to play with this beauty trend. Try out a metallic color like silver, gold or steel from the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow for an eye shadow that does not run or fade away in the heat.

3. Dark Mascara and Eyeliner

Without using the right products, wearing dark mascara and eyeliner during the summer can be just asking for a smeary nightmare. If you use waterproof products like Aqua Eye Liner Pencils from Cannonball and Urban Decay's New "Ultra Waterproof" Mascara. you can still enjoy the dark colors of mascara, but you no longer need to worry about running and smudging!

4. Summer Blush

This summer, blush for a healthy glow is definitely in, but using conventional power blushes is summertime no, no. Instead try a cream-based blush like the Cargo Water Resistant Blush that will stand up to even the worst of the summertime heat!

5. No oily looks!

It doesn’t matter how skillfully you apply your makeup if you end up having oily skin from sweating during the day. That is even before thinking about the fact oily build-up on the skin can lead to blemishes and skin infections! To avoid all of these problems, simply use CVS, Oil CONTROL Blotting Sheets. These sheets will be your best friends by soaking up any oil without disturbing the makeup you so painstakingly applied with your summer-proof cosmetics.
Need more summertime cosmetics tips?

For more advanced summertime makeup tips check out this beauty blog for advanced tips on how to stay fabulous during the humid and hot weather.

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