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Top 5 Financial and Business Degrees of 2014 That Recruiters Expect on Resumes

Top 5 Financial and Business Degrees of 2014
Top 5 Financial and Business Degrees of 2014

Gone are the days when only pursuing a career in medicine and engineering was considered to bring success in an individual’s life. These days, financial and business degrees are some of the best career options available to the students. Not only are these flexible, rather you will also be able to achieve more due to the ‘out of the box” nature of these degrees. A very wide set of job opportunities are available after you complete your business or financial degree. Also, these profiles have seen the maximum number of recruitment in the last few years.


With changing times, a large fraction of our generation is seen going towards the field of finance and business. Business degrees are highly flexible and students have the option of pursuing any of the large number of available options. Not only does this offer a lucrative income, but the freedom to join the business world is another advantage of procuring a degree in business and finance. Since this time of the year marks for the beginning of a new academic year, here are the top 5 finance and business degrees which can make a difference in your professional life:

1. Business Administration:

Recruiters, these days, are searching for graduates who are multi- faceted and well- rounded in their approach towards any job. This is exactly where the graduates of Business Administration stand a step ahead of others. Students who come from a background of business administration have deeper knowledge of the economics, job- ethics as well as strategies of a good business. With time and experience, these business graduates can reach to the top- most positions in the company, thanks to their optimized knowledge and approach towards the job and its responsibilities. Finding a job is not at all difficult, provided that companies always have vacancies for these talented graduates.

2. Economics:

Due to their vast knowledge about the government and international policies/ relations, graduates of Economics can be of great benefits to any organization. A country like ours needs capable Economists and this degree provides the same. Working in a large business organisation, an Economist can predict the prospective monetary issues and can also work out strategies to optimize the use of money within any organization. Another advantage that Economists have is that they get paid really well.

3. Marketing:

Marketing, or in other words, social media campaigns is what every organization and business today needs for carving an identity for itself in the world of business. Even the best businesses can fall short of clients and deals, if proper campaigns and marketing approaches are not being followed. People who graduate in marketing are experts in job areas, such as public relations, statistics and finances, which enable them to develop the best possible advertising as well as investment plans. Marketing is considered as the core of every business and hence marketing graduates will never see a dearth for job opportunities and will always have a fruitful career.

4. Entrepreneurship:

With more graduates aiming to build their own business empires, a degree in Entrepreneurship is highly in demand these days. The right knowledge of business strategies as well as capital management is the reason why these graduates are bagging some of the top- most positions in large business organizations. For intense thinkers and students who are not looking for a regular job, a degree in Entrepreneurship can be a great career option.

5. Finance/ Accounting:

The basic fuel for every business is money and a degree in Finance/ Accounting can be a great career option. Some of the highly influential job opportunities for these graduates are Business & Budget Analysts, Consultants, and Financial Advisors. Some students may find the course to be challenging, but then knowledge of both business as well as finances in a business are crucial for making a career in this field. The corporate world holds great regard and respect for Finance/ Accounting graduates.

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