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Top 5 features of the Flip UltraHD


5. AA battery option. The Flip UltraHD camera comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery but can also use two AA batteries as well. This is nice if you run out of juice away from home.

The delete video screen from the Flip UltraHD.
The delete video screen from the Flip UltraHD.
Philip Wels

4. Delete video protection. When pressing the trash icon to delete a video, the camera shows a screen which asks "delete video?" The user then chooses, yes, no or all. If any button besides the "OK" button is pushed, the camera shows a screen that says "not deleted" and does not delete the video. (If no button is pushed after a few seconds, the same "not deleted" screen appears.) This makes deleting a video (or all videos) a very deliberate action and hard to do by accident.

3. Built in software. The software that comes with the Flip is actually stored on the camera itself. This means you will never lose your software like you might with a CD and you can take it with you to any computer you need to use.

2. Readable screen. The screen on the back is smaller than other cameras on the market, but the text is very easy to read. The top left corner states the current mode, either 'ready' to record or the time you have been recording. The bottom of the screen states the "Time left" to record. The time left is displayed with minutes and seconds, "1hr 53min," which is very easy to understand.

1. Simple interface. In reality the Flip UltraHD has eight buttons, but it feels like it only has three. The screen is not cluttered with icons or symbols. There are only five camera settings that can be changed. (Language, date, time, tones, recording light.) This type of simple interface makes it easy for anyone to just pick it up and use it. All the user really needs to know is push red to record, push red again to stop recording.


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