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Top 5 fashion mistakes in Nashville


Green Pants
photos by Debbi Tannock 

Nashville has become a bustling metropolitan focal point, internationally, due to the many music and movie superstars living amongst us; but that doesn’t mean that locals have learned the fine art of style.

It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what we look good in, and sometimes even our best friends won’t tell us that we ‘just don’t get it’.

Listed below are the top 5 fashion mistakes seen in downtown Nashville and tips on how not to be a ‘fashion don’t.’

1. Size does matter! We see it every day-people walking around wearing an outfit at least two sizes too small. Bra straps pinch, trousers force the inevitable ‘muffin top’, and bulges are proudly displayed under skin tight shirts. Doesn’t anyone look in the mirror anymore? Believe it or not, wearing clothes that fit are more attractive. Trust me.

2. Trends should be used in moderation. Yes, it’s really great to put on something that makes you feel good and is a BIG trend right now but please, please, please…only wear one of them at a time! There have been sightings of women wearing leggings, layers, big bulky scarves, black nail polish and a purse the size of Idaho-all at the same time. Too much is too much. Pick one trend to wear at a time-period.

3. Wear your age. There is nothing worse than seeing a mature woman wearing an all pink outfit and a pair of those tennis shoes that blink neon lights. Mary Kate & Ashley clothes may fit you but PLEASE do not wear them if you are over the age of 15!

4. Halloween is not year round. Make-up should enhance your face, not look like a mask with lines drawn all over it. If in doubt, see a professional and get advice. Enough said.

5. Summer dresses should be worn in the summer. There is a huge trend in Nashville right now that just doesn’t make sense. Women, of all ages, are wearing last summer’s dresses and putting shirts underneath them. Yes, there are movie stars wearing this style in Hollywood but… it’s freezing in Music City this time of year! Dresses made for warm weather just don’t hold up in cold weather, so please don’t wear them when there is frost on the ground.

Need style advice? Leave a comment and you will get a response within 24 hours. Remember...good fashion sense never goes out of style!


  • Rita Butler 5 years ago

    This article was SO right on! Another thing that bothers me is the people you see in Walmart with slippers on & rollers in their hair! Not to mention seeing the guys 'religion' in those drooopy jeans! All in the name of fashion!

  • Debbi, Nashville Style Examiner 5 years ago

    Thank you, Rita!

    Yessss..I know what you mean about the 'droopy' jeans. I don't like them-they look terrible.

    And don't get me started about the folks at Wally World! LOL

    Stay tuned, I will be covering a whole bunch of handy tips. Remember...good fashion sense never goes out of style!

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