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Top 5 Fall Urban Trends of 2010

Transistional looks for fall
Transistional looks for fall
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Fall has finally made its appearance in Tennessee. Long gone are the super-sizzling days of summer. The bright sunshine coupled with cool crisp evenings are a great change, but make for difficult dressing during our transition into winter.  What's a girl to do? Below are five of the hottest urban trends for Fall 2010. Adding these key pieces to your wardrobe will help make your fall transition easy and fashionable. Let's begin: 

Lace-up Combat and Military style Boots -  Doc Marten's Vintage 8 eye Boot have been steady trend in fashion. Recently, the boot has made a return in popularity and helped to spawn, knock-off, and high-heeled inspired designs (take a look at this cool design by Jessica Simpson). Colors can be wild or neutral, leather or suede, high or low heeled, depending on your personal style. Adding a pair to your fall shoe line-up will help you walk right into this cool weather season.

Fly-Away Cardigans - Anytime you transition into another season, dressing in layers is essential in maintaining a sensible style. Gone are the simple sensible six button cardigan. Purchasing a fly-away cardigan, will be a key piece in updating you fall outerwear.  A flyaway cardigan is convertible and conventional. The light weight fabric is perfect for the office why the draping design is on trend and give depth to your ensemble.

Capes and Ponchos - According to, Capes and Ponchos have been in style since the early 1900's. The style continues to transform itself throughout the years. This year's style is highly constructed and tailored and less of the blanket style that was so popular in the early 2000's. Try a cape or poncho as an outerwear alternative this season.

Leather Pleated Skirts -  When Louis Vuitton showed their version of the 1950's vintage style swing skirt with large deep pleats, the fashion world was all abuzz. Gone are the days of super-mini skirt, the return of the 1950's feminine silhouette is back. If the thought of a 'regular' pleated skirt makes you  think of a librarian, the leather should make you feel like a ladylike rockstar (if that is even possible - well in the fashion world it is).

Skinny Cargo Pants - Skinny Cargo pants are one of those styles that appeal to younger fashionistas because of the body conscious design. But just because the younger set flocked to it first doesn't mean you cannot find a place for a pair in your wardrobe. Old Navy has a spectacular selection of slim-fit cargo pants in tall and plus sizes. A pair of these pants, a fly-away cardigan to skim over your curves, and a pair of combat lace-up boots will have you look fabulous for the fall.

Take a look at the slide-show below and make a choice to add one of these hot urban trends to your fall apparel this month.


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