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Top 5 express fiction books at Woods Memorial Library in February 2014

Check out the below five books to find out what are some of the top express fiction books being read in Tucson. If you have not read them, then you might enjoy checking them out. The list is based on the most checked out books at the Woods Memorial Branch Library.

1. Hunted by Karen Robards - This is a thriller that involves a cop cover up and a hostage situation at a Christmas party in New Orleans.

2. Gone by James Patterson - This is the sixth book in the Michael Bennett series. In this book, Detective Bennett is hidden in rural California as part of the witness protection program with someone he put behind bars on the loose and ends up having to come out of hiding to try to catch the guy again and stop his war on America.

3. White Fire by Douglas J. Preston - This book involves a special agent rescuing his protegee from the law in a Colorado ski resort town, a murderous arsonist, miners killed by a bear 150 years ago, and a fabled long lost Sherlock Holmes mystery.

4. Dark Witch by Nora Roberts - This is the first book in The Cousins O'Dwyer Triology set in Ireland.

5. Innocence: A Novel by Dean Koontz - This is a thriller with some romance.

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